Sanitary installationsEasy and reliable planning

Successful construction projects start with good planning

Planners deep in discussion around a table with BIM symbol

A careful, safe and sustainable approach is important when planning a construction project. The planning phase determines which systems and materials will be used and how much usable living space remains. Good planning meets the following criteria in the best possible way:

  • As much living space as possible for the residents
  • Effective fire protection solutions
  • Good sound insulation
  • Efficient and safe water and power supply
  • Minimal material consumption
  • Use of materials with a long service life
  • Straightforward approach to installation, commissioning and maintenance

The water supply and drainage play a central role in all of these aspects. This is why Geberit provides comprehensive consulting services and digital tools to support specialist planners with their work. Now any building can be transformed into the perfect home.

Buildings built with dataOur planning software and data solutions

The rise of digitalisation is constantly changing the construction industry as we know it. With the right data, it is possible to map out future buildings along with their functionality and potential problem areas before construction even begins. This is the ideal way to prevent potentially irreversible construction errors.

No other company in the industry invests as continuously and extensively in data scope and quality as Geberit. This is entirely in keeping with our promise of Know-How Installed. Geberit’s software and data solutions for sanitary engineers include the following tools:

Planner in front of a screen

Tender texts

Efficient planning requires that the necessary tender texts and product information are quickly and easily accessible. Geberit provides correctly formulated tender texts and comprehensive data packages for free download.

BIM plug-in symbol

BIM / Autodesk Revit®

BIM is the future of construction that is already available today. This means that buildings can be digitally pre-constructed and tested complete with all their details and functionalities. All Geberit products and system solutions are available together with selected calculation modules in an Autodesk Revit plug-in that is kept constantly up to date.

Discover BIM

Computer screen with Geberit ProPlanner

Geberit ProPlanner

The Geberit ProPlanner is home to everything sanitary engineers need to integrate Geberit products into their building planning processes simply, reliably and with the assurance of up-to-date information. This must-have software for free download contains the following modules:

  • Installation systems
  • Schematic planning
  • Detailed planning in 3D
  • Roof drainage
  • Waste water prefabrication
Screenshot of a Pluvia calculation enquiry

Geberit Pluvia calculation request

Planning a roof drainage system often calls for complex calculations to be made – particularly in the case of larger flat roof buildings. This is where our team of experts comes in with the help of our very own software programme. You can use our enquiry form at any time to contact our team of experts.

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More practical planning tools

We work with a number of additional tools to underline our commitment to being a reliable, straightforward and experienced partner to our customers:

Geberit sampling tool

Geberit sampling tool

With the help of a clever filter system, you can create a complete article list that you can export as a sampling document.

Geberit Tools

Geberit industry tool

Resistance enquiry

Whether your enquiry relates to fuel gases, oils, cooling pipes or your own specific project, the Geberit resistance enquiry tool allows you to work out a suitable and safe piping system for your project in no time.

Launch the resistance checker

Sound insulation competence tool from Geberit

Sound insulation competence tool

Model your specific constructional situation in no time and automatically receive the appropriate product solutions, including sound insulation certificates and testing in line with the latest standards.

Launch the sound insulation competence tool

Geberit GIS/Duofix calculator from Geberit

GIS/Duofix calculator

Create Geberit GIS or Duofix walls in just a few steps, from selecting the item to generating the material and cut list.

Launch the Geberit GIS/Duofix calculator

Woman launches the Geberit flush plate showroom on her laptop

Actuator plate showroom

All designs, colours and functions at a glance. The flush plate showroom is where you will find the perfect WC flush plate for your project.

Enter the showroom for actuator plates

Screenshot of the Geberit 3D bathroom planner tool

3D bathroom planning data for your project

We support your project with the very latest, high-quality 3D bathroom planning data for your planning software.

Plan your bathroom in 3D now

Your personal connection in the digital age

A Geberit specialist discusses a project with the customer

Geberit knows that many things – but not everything – can be solved with software and digital tools. This is why our technical advisors are always on hand to provide you with expert support so that you can speak to a real person regarding any questions or issues. Geberit has specialists in all planning areas who are always happy to help.

That’s what Know-How Installed is all about.

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