Quick and easy sanitary installation

Focus on plumbing technology

Sanitary technology and bathrooms have been at the heart of Geberit’s expertise for 150 years and counting. From inventing the modern cistern to introducing prewall systems and other groundbreaking innovations, our focus has always been on delivering maximum benefits for bathroom users while ensuring the fastest, most straightforward installation process for plumbers – our primary customer group. Our mission and motivation is to make the lives of installers and users that little bit better every day, and to contribute to greater comfort, reliability and a better working environment through our constant ongoing development.

Customer-centric innovation

Installation with clamping joint

Geberit’s high level of innovation is aligned with the three main needs of plumbers and sanitary engineers: reliability, hygiene and ease of use.

Thanks to Geberit’s strong customer focus and the close partnership between the company and its installers, every new development is initiated with the customer in mind. This essentially means that Geberit views the challenges and expectations of professionals as the driving force behind its innovations.

Clever technology for quick and easy installation

Fast, time-saving installation is becoming increasingly important on the construction site, although this should never be to the detriment of quality workmanship.

This is why Geberit relies on clever technology and useful mounting aids to ensure quick and clean installations every time. Take the Geberit Acanto toilet, for example. Its innovative fastening technology allows this WC to be mounted reliably and effortlessly, offering up to 40% time savings in combination with a Geberit cistern. This includes the hidden EFF3 fixing, which secures the WC firmly against the wall using a worm gear. The WC seat can also be fitted easily and accurately without a template.

Tool-free installation

FlowFit – Pressing water supply lines

Tools are essential for day-to-day installation work, but they also mean plumbers have to carry more weight and bulk to every job. The health of plumbers is a top priority for Geberit, which is why the company is constantly working on product solutions that minimise or eliminate the need for tools during installation. This is precisely why the high-quality flush plates of the Sigma system, for example, can be installed and replaced without tools. When installing sanitary modules, the MasterFix tap connector facilitates the transition to the supply system with a tool-free turning mechanism with a union nut that prevents overtightening.

In cases where tools are essential, such as when pressing water supply lines, Geberit makes sure that the need for tool changes is minimised as far as possible. This is the case with FlowFit, for example, which only requires two pressing jaws to cover all dimensions. The resulting reduction in tools offers a weight saving of up to 20 kg, which is good news for sanitary professionals when it comes to their backs and general health.

Secure installation with minimal susceptibility to errors

Geberit FlowFit: no more changing tools

When time is of the essence, mistakes can easily creep in. The serious consequences that this can have in the sanitary sector need no further explanation. This makes it all the more important to ensure that fast and convenient installation also takes safety and error susceptibility into account.

Our FlowFit drinking water system is just one example of how we offer this kind of safety: the pressing indicator clearly highlights where pressing has already taken place so that any failed pressing sequences can be quickly detected.

Premounting for a perfect fit

Premounted mounting bar on the Acanto wall-hung WC

Time is money, and both are crucial to a plumber’s success. This is why Geberit supports plumbers with a wide range of modules for premounting. First and foremost, Geberit can lay claim to having revolutionised bathroom design as we know it with the self-supporting Duofix prewall elements. This is because the installation elements anchored in the prewall make the installation of the WC and bathroom sink much quicker, easier and more secure than ever before. Premounted elements such as the mounting frame for the Setaplano shower surface are also used in the shower for quick and precise installation.

Quick and easy installationof Geberit products

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