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Help and support from Geberit

‘Accompany and support’ instead of ‘deliver and forget’

A Geberit sales representative advises plumbers on the construction site

Whether directly on the building site, over the phone, or online, Geberit provides valuable support to our trade and craft customers in their day-to-day operations.

This is because, at Geberit, we place a strong emphasis on the entire life cycle of our products. Timely product availability along with efficient installation processes and long-term reliability are all vital components for ensuring the sustainable success of any construction project.

Comprehensive support

Our customer-centric approach has always been deeply ingrained in our company’s culture. In fact, Geberit’s success is built on the unwavering trust our customers continue to place in us. To us, the success of our customers is more important than our short-term sales figures,

which is why Geberit provides its customers with a comprehensive range of services and support to assist during the construction and operational phases of their day-to-day work.

Only a phone call away

Our customer service team advises plumbers and customers

If you find your on-site installation is not quite going to plan, our technical advisors are always on hand to help via our customer hotline.
The skilled personnel in our support centres know Geberit products inside out, so they are ideally placed to offer you a solution to virtually any problem – no matter how old your products are. Our consultants can take a look at every product you have on site to resolve your issue over the phone.

Incidentally, our spare parts for concealed cisterns are guaranteed for 50 years, and those for other products are guaranteed for at least 25. This excellent spare parts availability is yet another of the many services we offer to guaranteed your total peace of mind.

Technical field service

The Geberit sales representative checks that the installation is correct.

If you have questions then we have the answers.

Even as a sanitary professional, you may occasionally find you need our help with a project or answers to technical questions about our products. Our technical field service team is highly knowledgeable about the technical and structural aspects of the plumbing world, as well as being well versed in various local regulations. Our team members are often highly qualified plumbing experts themselves and are well acquainted with the challenges and requirements on building sites.

As every construction site is different, Geberit advisors prioritise an on-site service. This allows them to work together with customers to analyse the situation and advise on solutions. In this way, Geberit can ensure that everyday problems are addressed appropriately and with long-term effect.

Geberit inspection and approval

Checklists are used to ensure installations have been carried out properly

Our technical advisors can also carry out final inspections of completed installations on request. These specialists systematically examine all relevant aspects of the installation on the building site. Where necessary, or on request, any issues that require attention will be addressed jointly with you, and the necessary measures will be discussed.

The installation inspection includes not only an assessment of the installed fresh water and discharge pipes, including their welded, pressed or push-fit connections (fittings and components), but also an evaluation of the sound and fire protection regulations. This process streamlines the subsequent official approval of the building project.

Tools and apps for professionals

Geberit’s expertise is always just a tap away with the Geberit Pro app.

If our technical field service team is not directly available, we also offer a whole host of other resources when you need our help, including online support tools, apps, telephone hotlines and our call centre solutions.

These provide interactive support for the installation, maintenance and servicing of your sanitary systems and installations.

View our digital tools

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