Simple maintenance for sanitary installations

Outstanding quality of sanitary products

Endurance tests ensure outstanding quality

Our meticulous attention to detail, exceptional product quality and dependable availability of system components ensure consistently reliable and seamless operation you can always count on.

We also perform extensive testing so that we can feel confident in offering long-term warranties on our sanitary products. This includes rigorous endurance and stress testing in our own sanitary laboratory to ensure absolute compliance with international regulations and our own uncompromising standards.

Our in-house Building Technology and Acoustics Laboratory is where we develop practical tests and take measurements relating to statics and architectural acoustics. The entire building is acoustically isolated from the surrounding environment, and its size and versatility make it a unique asset within the sanitary industry.

Service and partnership for sanitary installations

Geberit as a reliable partner for our customers

We know that a reliable partnership is essential for our customers’ success. This is why we offer comprehensive support to cover everything from planning, logistics and installation through to maintenance.

We are also always right by your side to provide prompt, expert service whenever you need it.

Simple maintenance for concealed cisterns and urinal flush controls

Identify concealed cisterns with the Geberit Pro app and order the appropriate spare parts in no time at all.

The spare parts for our concealed cisterns are available for up to 50 years, which means it couldn’t be easier to maintain and upgrade older products.

We are always happy to help you find the right spare parts for concealed cisterns and urinal flush controls, and the product identifier in the Geberit Pro app allows you to determine exactly which concealed cistern is installed in the wall in no time at all. This handy tool recognises all Geberit concealed cisterns dating from 1964, and all urinal flush controls from 1983 onwards. Once identified, all spare parts or conversion sets for the concealed cistern can be ordered directly in the Geberit Pro app. The scanner for QR codes and barcodes links directly to further product information such as installation manuals, spare parts overviews and product descriptions.

Remote maintenance via Geberit Connect

Remote maintenance via Geberit Connect
Remote maintenance via Geberit Connect

In addition to commissioning, the Geberit Control app also facilitates the operation and maintenance of WC flush controls, urinal flush controls, washbasin taps and hygiene flush units.

The Geberit Control app offers the following advantages:

  • Simple read-out of flush and event logs from the end devices: Flush and event logs can be easily read out for each end device with a smartphone. These can be exported for easy analysis or for documentation purposes.
  • Rapid troubleshooting: The status of each connected end device is displayed in the Geberit Control app. In the event of a fault, the details are displayed along with a corresponding description of the possible problem.

It is even possible to configure the grouping of all devices installed within a sanitary room, such as the urinal and WC flush controls and washbasin taps, to suit your preferences. This allows you to save both time and effort.

Simple maintenance of the Geberit Pluvia roof drainage system

Even in the case of permanently installed systems such as building and roof drainage, Geberit considers care and maintenance aspects as early as the development phase. Our approach is always firmly grounded in the principle that simplicity is key,

and a prime example of this can be found in our highly efficient siphonic roof drainage system, Geberit Pluvia. The clamping flange joint makes Pluvia particularly easy to clean and low maintenance.

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