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Durability through exceptional quality

Quality test on Sigma21 flush plate in the WC system

We manufacture our sanitary products responsibly using high-quality and durable materials before really putting them through their paces. This is what makes us so confident in the reliability of our solutions. And to help us convey this conviction to our specialist partners and end customers, we offer voluntary warranty services for an all-round feeling of security.

We are constantly developing our systems and do not simply replace them or redesign them from scratch. This sustainable, long-term approach is reflected in both the high level of spare parts reliability and long-term availability of our products.

Geberit spare parts for concealed cisterns: 50 years’ availability

Geberit Sigma concealed cisterns benefit from 50 years of spare parts availability

The 50-year spare parts availability ensures the basic functionality of the flush for the WC concealed cistern for this entire time frame. This ensures that there is no need to replace the concealed cistern or open the wall. The specific functionalities of electronic products such as the hygiene flush unit and DuoFresh odour extraction unit are excluded.

Geberit spare parts do not have to be identical to the original parts. There might be slight visual discrepancies or minor limitations in terms of convenience; however, compatibility, backwards compatibility and basic functionality are ensured in all cases.

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Lifetime warranty on ceramic appliances

Geberit ONE bathroom highlighting our lifetime warranty on ceramics

Geberit offers its end customers a lifetime warranty on ceramics. This is provided voluntarily and applies to washbasins, WCs, bidets and ceramic shower trays in the following bathroom series: Geberit ONE, Xeno², Acanto, iCon, VariForm, Smyle, Renova, Renova Plan, Renova Compact, Renova Comfort, Selnova, Selnova Square, Selnova Compact and Selnova Comfort. It also applies to the following urinals: Geberit Preda, Selva, Tamina and Narva.

Geberit warrants that the ceramic of these products is free from material defects and manufacturing faults.

Prefabrication for reliable planning

Prefabricated Geberit GIS system wall with components

When it comes to sanitary installations, precision is just as important as efficiency and the time required for installation. This is why Geberit systems are well suited for prefabrication either elsewhere or on the building site in a bid to harmonise these often competing factors. Entire Geberit GIS support systems for prewalls, for example, can be ordered from specialised prefabrication partners and delivered to the building site in good time, ready to install. This not only cuts down on the installation time, but also increases the quality of the installation, as it is carried out off-site by specialists.

The process for prefabricating the drainage system with Geberit PE is similar. Here too, specialised partners take on the task of premounting discharge pipes – for example, the entire floor supply to the stack – and deliver the elements to the construction site on time for final assembly.

Experience Geberit bathroom products in a showroom setting

Geberit showroom

The best way for you to experience our brand promise of ‘Design Meets Function’ is to visit one of our specialist partners for our bathroom products. Our specialists are always happy to offer advice and demonstrate the various benefits of our products.

So why not come and see for yourself? With such a wide variety of attractive designs and clever functions to choose from, you’re sure to be impressed.

Visit the virtual showroom

Virtual showroom

You can visit the Geberit virtual showroom online any time, 365 days a year. This useful tool includes all major products and solutions in a three-dimensional format. Move freely through the presentation booths in the showroom and browse to your heart’s content.

Each of the exhibits offers a whole host of useful information. You can also watch our series of short video clips as if they were live, and listen to a Geberit expert talk you through the special features and advantages of our major bathroom products. All products are featured with a direct link that offers you a wealth of further information if you would like to know more. This allows you to experience our bathroom products for yourself at any time. Why not try it out?

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