Geberit FlowFitFluid Installation

No more effort

Geberit FlowFit is the innovative supply system that facilitates the ideal installation process. Thanks to their input and suggestions, plumbers played a decisive role in the development phase, during which Geberit was able to reduce everything that makes work on the building site difficult and cumbersome. Effortless, intuitive and flowing processes during installation – just the way it should be.

Product characteristics

Work Flow

Convenient installation

Water Flow

Flow-optimised hydraulics

Data Flow

Intelligent planning

Material Flow

Sustainability concept

No more compromises – many good reasons to choose Geberit FlowFit

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Peace of mind for sanitary engineers

No more unnecessary pressure losses in a system comparison

System comparison for a sample house with twelve residential units on four floors

The flow-optimised design of Geberit FlowFit results in minimal pressure losses. This means that the water flows through the piping system and to the point of use with lower pressure loss. Piping systems can be planned and installed with much smaller diameters. An additional advantage: This results in shorter draw-off times, reduced water volume and less stagnation in the pipe.

Calculation of the diameters in the example house with 1 bar minimum flow pressure at the last point of use

Calculation of the diameters in the example house with 1 bar minimum flow pressure at the last point of use.
1: Service connection / Basement distribution
2: Riser pipe
3: Floor
A: Multilayer composite system without pressure loss optimisation
B: Geberit FlowFit

No more worries – good solutions for a sustainable supply system

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No more disposal hassle

Protective caps protect pipes and fittings against the ingress of dirt on the building site and during transport. The pressing indicators guide the tool and clearly identify unpressed connections. Once the pipelines have been installed, these plastic parts have served their purpose and you can return them to a waste management enterprise free of charge via DHL.

Returning protective caps and pressing indicatorsComing soon

No more gaps – comprehensive assortment


Nominal width DNDimension d x s (mm)
1216 x 2.0
1520 x 2.0
2025 x 2.5
2532 x 2.8
3240 x 3.0
4050 x 3.8
5063 x 4.0
6575 x 4.6



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