3D bathroom plannerPlan your dream bathroom in just a few steps

Design your new bathroom free of charge

Plan your bathroom with the 3D bathroom planner

Design your new bathroom free of charge

  • Start with a floor plan or an empty room
  • Design the bathroom furnishings just the way you want them
  • Download the product list as a PDF
  • Make your bathroom planning a reality

How does the online bathroom planner help me with my bathroom design?

Man standing in a bathroom featuring the Geberit ONE bathroom series

Are you planning an entirely new bathroom from scratch or are you looking to renovate your existing bathroom? The free 3D bathroom planner is designed to support you with your project. Start with the right floor plan and configure the room based on your space.

When it comes to adding the furnishings, let your ideas flow and select products from various Geberit bathroom series. You can then finish off your dream bathroom design with your favourite bathroom accessories. Once you have finished planning your bathroom, you can access the design including all selected items in PDF format. Bathroom planning is easy with Geberit.

How you benefit: The Geberit 3D bathroom planner can do it all

Easy to use
Flexibly configurable floor plans
Option to download plans in PDF format
Free of charge
Plan your dream bathroom with our online planner

There’s nothing quite like a beautifully designed bathroom – especially if you have designed it yourself. With our free online bathroom planner, it couldn’t be easier. It give you the chance to try out your ideas for the bathroom before you bring them to life. The 3D bathroom planner guides you through the individual steps at your own pace.

Once you have finished planning, you have a solid basis for discussing how to make your dream bathroom a reality with your specialist partner.

How to plan your new bathroom in five steps

If you already have concrete ideas for your new bathroom and want to get them down on paper, the 3D bathroom planner is the perfect way to try out your design ideas and develop them further. The bathroom planner makes it easy to create your dream bathroom. The software guides you through the process step by step – from the floor plan to the finished list of bathroom products.

Step 1

Launch the 3D bathroom planner
Launch the 3D bathroom planner from Geberit

Open the software with a simple click and discover how easy and convenient it is to create your project.

You don’t need any special knowledge to plan your new bathroom.

Where can I get inspiration from for my bathroom design?

Morning or night, the Geberit ComfortLight mirror offers the perfect lighting conditions at all times

You can get creative ideas for your bathroom in various places, including our stories and the 3D bathroom planner itself. Depending on your chosen bathroom series, we offer a vast selection of different washbasins, for example, including double washbasins with or without a cabinet, furniture washbasins and lay-on washbasins. In terms of bathroom furniture, the online bathroom planner offers tall cabinets, side cabinets, wall boxes and plenty more besides. Depending on the model, the body and surface are available in different materials and colours.

The final touch is to add bathroom accessories such as towel rails and soap dispensers to your plan.

In addition to including the bathroom products, you can also individually configure the walls and floors so that you can visualise and design your future bathroom even more realistically during the planning phase. Your creativity knows almost no bounds.

What should I take into consideration when planning a bathroom?

In an average lifetime, we spend around 850 days in the bathroom, which equates to more than 2 years of our lives. Good planning is crucial to ensure that the bathroom becomes a haven of relaxation and lives up to our expectations. Find out what you need to bear in mind when planning your dream bathroom.

Bathroom series from Geberit

Geberit Bathroom MagazineDownload or order now

Bathroom Magazine
  • Find all the ideas and inspiration you need for your dream bathroom
  • All Geberit bathroom series at a glance
  • Extensive image galleries inspire creative bathroom designs
  • Product overviews serve as a practical planning aid down to the last detail

You can download the free Bathroom Magazine as a PDF or order a printed copy to be sent to your home.

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Tips for bathroom planning