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Geberit iCon WC

Geberit offers everything for your WC from a single source, From rimless WCs and actuator plates in various designs through to cisterns and toilet seats.

This ensures that all WC components are perfectly matched and extensively tested in our sanitary laboratories, meaning we can offer you real added value for your bathroom in the form of durable products and special warranties. Our assortment of WCs includes shower toilets, wall-mounted toilets and floor-standing toilets.

Discover the world of Geberit WCs for yourself with the help of our WC product finder. This offers a fun introduction to our range of designs and functions.

Toilets from GeberitSelected highlights

Why choose a Geberit WC?

Outstanding flush performance

Our exceptional toilet flush is efficient, quiet and powerful.

Easy to clean

Thanks to an excellent flush performance, easy-to-remove toilet seat and a smooth special glaze.

The perfect match

The cistern and WC ceramic appliance are perfectly matched in terms of functionality.

WC functions at a glance

Toilets from Geberit have much more to offer than it seems at first glance. Our rimless toilets are not only redefining cleanliness and hygiene, they also provide an efficient, quiet flush. Did you know that an odour extraction unit can be integrated into your WC? With a filter in the flush plate, you can always count on fresh air in your bathroom. The Geberit ONE WC can also be adjusted in height even years after installation to suit your needs.

Rimless toilets

In addition to design, other major decision-making factors when selecting a WC ceramic appliance include hygiene and ease of maintenance. The area beneath the flush rim is an ideal hiding place for germs, dirt and deposits to build up, which is why Geberit offers rimless WCs. Designed entirely without a rim, there are no hidden or hard-to-reach places where deposits could build up and create unwanted odours.

Geberit offers two flush technologies in the form of Rimfree® and TurboFlush. Both techniques offer outstanding flush performance to make cleaning your toilet so much easier. The patented Rimfree® flush technology has been developed by Geberit for WC ceramic appliances. A flush guide ensures maximum hygiene when flushing out the WC surfaces with minimal water consumption.

TurboFlush technology in the Acanto WC
Rimfree® flush technology in the iCon WC

WCs with rotary flushGeberit Acanto WC and Geberit ONE WC with TurboFlush

Our efforts to cut down on cleaning time have driven us one step further to develop our TurboFlush technology. In doing so, our experts have optimised the entire water flow from the cistern via the WC to the drain.

The inner geometry of our WC ceramic appliances with TurboFlush is designed to channel the energy of the water from the cistern to allow the best possible flushing out of the toilet. This guides the flush water through the rimless WC in a powerful vortex, controlling it precisely for a complete surface flush. The resulting flush performance is up to 10 times higher than required by international regulations.

Which rimless WC suits your style?

Round, square, with a short projection, white high-gloss or matt – rimless WC ceramic appliances from Geberit are available in various shapes, colours and sizes and can be harmoniously combined with a range of bathroom sinks and bidets.

Shower toilets for even more comfortHygienic cleaning with water

Geberit AquaClean Alba with woman and child in the bathroom

Cleaning with water is more thorough and gentle than cleaning with toilet paper, making it ideal for sensitive intimate areas. The best thing about it is that you will feel clean and refreshed after every trip to your shower toilet. Additional comfort functions, which vary according to the model, round off your experience of well-being. Once you’ve experienced this fresh, clean feeling, you’ll never want to go without it again.

With its AquaClean Mera, Sela, Alba and Tuma models, Geberit offers the perfect shower toilet to suit virtually any requirements and every living situation – from the convenient WC complete solution to the WC enhancement solution. Thanks to the perfect combination of design and technology, you don’t need any more space than you would for a conventional toilet – all you need is a mains connection.

Discover Geberit AquaClean

The Geberit WC systemFlush technology and WC ceramic in perfect harmony

When WC technology and design come together in perfect harmony, it creates real added value for bathroom users and sanitary professionals alike. Geberit toilets are very easy to clean and never fail to impress with their exceptionally powerful yet extremely quiet flush.

Our sanitary products are the showcase of our decades of expertise. This is why all of the components in our WC systems, both in front of and behind the wall, from the WC ceramic appliance to the cistern, are perfectly coordinated. This also simplifies installation, which is 40 per cent faster than with conventional WC suites.

Learn more about the WC system

The perfect WC seat for your Geberit toilet

Geberit Acanto WC with quick release

A toilet wouldn’t really be a toilet without the accompanying WC seat and lid.

The WC seat ring is designed to allow you to sit comfortably, while the toilet lid ensures greater hygiene and an attractive design. For those who want to take comfort and convenience to the next level, a toilet seat with soft-closing mechanism is the ideal choice. This features a damper integrated into the hinge to ensure quiet and gentle closing.

When it comes to cleaning the ceramic appliance and seat, it is useful if the toilet seat can be removed quickly and easily from the ceramic. This couldn’t be easier with Geberit products thanks to the quick release function, which allows the toilet seat to be removed and quickly reattached in a single motion.

Actuator platesTo suit every taste and style

Woman with Geberit Sigma50 flush plate with button in rose gold

Discover our extensive range of flush plates and be inspired by the variety of shapes, colours and materials on offer. When it comes to choosing the actuator plate for your toilet flush, you should make no compromises.

The push plate not only adds the finishing touch to your bathroom, it also offers comfort functions that can really enhance your lifestyle.

Discover our actuator plates

Innovative toilets from Geberit

Monolith Plus with iCon WC

Geberit Monolith

Monolith is the cleverly designed sanitary module from Geberit. It contains all the flush technology for your toilet in an ingenious space-saving design, bridging the gap between exposed cisterns and concealed cisterns installed behind the wall.

The Geberit Monolith is the perfect choice for those who want to save space while also keeping any renovation work to a minimum. With a range of different surface materials to choose from, Monolith is a design element that complements any bathroom.

Discover more Monolith functions now

Product range of Geberit WCsProduct data, dimensions and more

Geberit Acanto WC with Geberit Sigma70 flush plate in rose gold

Technical information such as CAD data, product data sheets and exact dimensions can be found in our product catalogue.

Discover the full range of Geberit WCs and WC seats.

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Frequently asked questions about WCs and WC seats

Where can I buy Geberit toilets and toilet seats?

You can view and buy Geberit WCs and WC seats at your local specialist dealership or in a showroom near you. Our partners will be happy to help.

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