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Geberit iCon bathroom with wall-hung WC and wall-hung bidet

Some bathrooms feature what is known as a bidet next to the toilet. Some people wash their feet in it, while others – especially children – use it as a handrinse basin.

But what is a bidet and what purpose does it really serve in the bathroom? This low-level, built-in washbasin is actually designed for sitting in to clean your intimate areas. In many countries, the bidet is a staple feature in the bathroom and plays an important role in daily personal hygiene.

As an alternative to a bidet, you could also use a shower toilet for the same effect. A shower toilet is essentially a WC with a built-in bidet function. It features a spray arm that automatically cleans you with water after using the toilet. Geberit offers a wide range of different bidet models.

Bidets from GeberitSelected models

Why choose a Geberit bidet?

Wide choice of designs

Geberit bidets match the respective toilets in the bathroom series.

Easy to clean

Geberit bidets are available with a KeraTect® finish for extra cleanliness.

Space-saving solutions

Geberit also offers compact bidets for small bathrooms.

Bidets to match your WCFor a contemporary look

Geberit iCon WC and floor-standing bidet combination

Geberit offers wall-hung bidets and floor-standing bidets in various designs. The style of these bidets is always coordinated with the respective toilets in the same Geberit bathroom series. Bidets are available in round or square designs,

as well as in a compact version for smaller bathrooms. These feature a smaller projection and take up less space in the room.

Some bidet models are also available with a Geberit KeraTect® finish. This virtually non-porous and incredibly smooth glaze makes it easier to clean the surface.

Bidets with and without overflow

Our bidets allow water to accumulate. This is why all Geberit bidets come complete with overflow protection. The classic overflow solution is a hole in the ceramic through which the water can drain directly into the discharge pipe.

The bidets in the Geberit ONE and Xeno² bathroom series have no visible overflow. Instead, they feature hidden overflow protection in the trap known as a clou.

Geberit Renova Plan WC and bidet with overflow
Geberit Xeno² bathroom series featuring WC and bidet without overflow, with clou

Simple attachment of wall-hung bidets

Installation of a Geberit bidet with EFF3

Wall-hung bidets are attached using the same technology as WCs.

The Easy Fast Fixing (EFF3) technology developed by Geberit simplifies the installation of bidets with a closed ceramic design.

Geberit wall-hung bidets are attached from below the ceramic appliance, which is no problem thanks to EFF3.

Range of Geberit bidetsProduct data, dimensions and more

Geberit Acanto WC with Geberit Sigma70 flush plate in rose gold

Technical information such as CAD data, product data sheets and exact dimensions can be found in our product catalogue. Discover the full range of Geberit bidets.

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Frequently asked questions about bidets

Where can I buy Geberit bidets?

You can view and buy our bidets at a specialist dealership or showroom near you. Our specialist partners will be happy to help.

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