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Showers Elegant and timeless

The perfect shower for every bathroom

Whether you’re setting yourself up for the day or winding down in the evening, you will always find the right shower for your bathroom from Geberit. Timeless design, easy cleaning and hydraulically optimised drain technology take centre stage in all our products.

Floor-even showers offer freedom of movement and allow barrier-free access to the shower area. Attractive design, easy cleaning and innovative drainage technology are the main focal points in all of our showers. Whether it’s shower surfaces made of antislip materials, flexibly installable shower drains, wall drains or classic floor drains for a seamless bathroom design,

you’re sure to find the perfect shower for your bathroom. With the innovative showers from Geberit, all elements are perfectly coordinated in terms of both appearance and functionality.

Why choose a Geberit shower?

Barrier-free bathroom enjoyment

Our shower surfaces can installed to be flush with the floor for barrier-free access.

Various designs

Variety of shapes, materials, surfaces and drain designs available to suit every aesthetic.

Hygienic design

The practical comb insert makes the shower drains easy to clean.

Tangible quality

The surface texture of the non-slip shower surfaces feels premium and velvety soft.

Walk-in showers for greater accessibility

Olona walk-in shower

Our floor-even showers eliminate the need for different levels in your bathroom. The open design not only creates a spacious feel, but also ensures seamless integration into your overall bathroom aesthetic. With clean lines and simple forms, your bathroom exudes style and modernity.

Our shower surfaces are synonymous with quality and durability. Crafted from high-quality solid surface material or ceramic, they not only look aesthetically pleasing, but are also resistant to moisture and daily use. The smooth, non-porous surface is easy to clean and retains its flawless appearance for years. As for the shower trays, their non-slip surface offers excellent stability.

Simple installation of showers from Geberit

Shower surface with installation frame

Some shower surfaces and drains from Geberit come complete with a premounted sealing fleece. This allows plumbers to permanently seal the showers and drains ready to be covered by the tiler.

For swift and error-free installation of the shower surfaces and shower trays, the accompanying set of feet can be mounted without tools.
The Geberit Setaplano shower surface with installation frame is available for other shower solutions from Geberit. Depending on the size of the Geberit shower surface, either four or six feet are required for installation. These are simply clicked onto the installation frame and secured to the unfinished floor.

Drain assembly and design covers

Drain cover and comb insert

The Geberit shower drain is suitable for shower trays with a valve hole measuring 90 mm in diameter, which conforms to the standard size. The drain is equipped with a removable comb insert that prevents the trap from clogging and makes cleaning easy. Two different designs and various colours are available for the accompanying drain cover.

For efficient water drainage, there is an exceptionally flat trap designed for low screed heights. The standard trap height is 50 mm. Alternatively, a trap with a 30 mm water seal depth is available, which is specifically designed for low-profile floor constructions during renovations.

Hygienic shower solutions for bathrooms of all sizes

Woman designs her bathroom with the 3D bathroom planner from Geberit

An obvious question to ask when planning a bathroom is what kind of shower would work well in this space? Choosing the right shower depends not only on your personal preferences and requirements, but also on the layout of the room.
In small bathrooms, a corner shower is the ideal way to make the most of the available space. Walk-in and barrier-free showers can be installed in medium-sized and larger bathrooms to complement a contemporary, open-plan aesthetic.

When it comes to choosing your new shower, Geberit offers the perfect solution for all room sizes. Visualise your dream shower together with other bathroom products using our free 3D bathroom planner. Take one step closer to your new shower experience by choosing the perfect shower.

Everything you need to know about Geberit showers can be found in our product catalogue

Frequently asked questions about showers

Where can I buy Geberit showers?

You can view and buy our showers at your local specialist dealership or in a showroom near you. Our partners will be happy to help.

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