Geberit CleanLine shower drainsHygienic, functional and modern

With its minimalist appearance, a shower drain not only makes the bathroom look more spacious, but also offers virtually uninterrupted room for movement.

The surface of the shower drain can be conveniently wiped down when cleaning the bathroom, while various designs, models and sizes offer the freedom to create a customised look.

Shower drains from GeberitSelected models

Why choose a Geberit CleanLine shower drain?

Traps dirt and hair

The removable comb insert makes it easier to clean the outlet

Design options

Classic stainless steel, on-trend in coloured metallic tones, discreet as a tile-bearing profile

Floor-even installation

For a level, virtually uninterrupted movement area

Easy to install

With premounted, securely injected foil for reliable sealing

Shower drains from GeberitTick all your boxes

Shower with CleanLine50

The Geberit CleanLine shower channels combine excellent aesthetics, function and hygiene. Geberit CleanLine is available in a wide range of colours and designs, so whether you choose stainless steel, black chrome or a tile-bearing profile, the shower channels from Geberit can be perfectly integrated into your bathroom.

Other special features of our shower drains include the range of innovative functions that vary depending on the model:

  • Can be shortened: adjustable length to suit every bathroom
  • Integrated slope for an excellent discharge rate
  • Flexible installation options – flush on the wall or in the centre of the shower surface
  • Anti-fingerprint coating to reduce marks and stains
  • Removable comb insert to catch dirt and hair before it clogs the drain
CleanLine80 shower channel

Geberit CleanLine80
Dirt doesn’t stand a chance

The CleanLine80 drain is made of solid stainless steel with an anti-fingerprint coating. This makes the shower drain particularly easy to clean and maintain. It also features an integrated slope towards the outlet in the middle. The model shares the basic construction and installation advantages with the other shower drains in the CleanLine product range.

The cover can be removed in a single easy step, and it contains a comb insert to trap long hair and dirt. Keeping it clean couldn’t be easier.

CleanLine50 shower channel

Geberit CleanLine50
Modern and functional

Featuring a triangular drainage channel and measuring just 30 mm in width, the CleanLine50 adds a new design variant to the Geberit shower drain family.

The shower drain is made of high-quality materials and is available in two colours: brushed stainless steel and black chrome with an anti-fingerprint coating. The practical comb insert can also be easily removed and quickly rinsed out.

The drain in the Geberit CleanLine50 features an integrated slope to ensure optimal drainage of the shower water. This feature also eliminates a lot of work during the installation, as plumbers no longer have to spend time bending the channel slightly to recreate a slope.

Geberit CleanLine20 and CleanLine60
Tile-bearing flat shower drains

Range of Geberit shower drainsin the product catalogue

Awardsfor Geberit CleanLine


Red Dot Award winner 2023
ISH DesignPlus Award winner 2023

Frequently asked questions about shower drains

Where can I buy Geberit shower drains?

You can view and buy shower drains from Geberit at your local specialist dealership or in a showroom near you. Our partners will be happy to help.

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