Showers and bathtubs

A shower experience for all the senses

Transform your bathroom into a haven of relaxation and refreshment.
Geberit offers high-quality, easy-to-clean products for showers and baths: antislip shower trays and shower surfaces, stylish bathtubs, modern shower drains, classic floor drains and elegant wall drains. We provide the perfect products to suit a wide range of requirements and spaces, featuring innovative technology and perfectly harmonised design.

More comfort for your bathroom.

Why choose a Geberit walk-in shower?

Walk-in shower surfaces

Our shower trays can be installed to be flush with the floor for surface-even access.

Safe grip

Our non-slip surfaces ensure you can count on a secure footing.

Elegant and inviting

Laying the drain from the floor into the wall preserves the uniform tiling of the shower.

Seamless integration

The shower partition in the Geberit ONE bathroom series is pushed directly into the wall without the need for any fastenings.

Barrier-free showers

Barrier-free showers

Create a barrier-free home with floor-even showers from Geberit. Our focus extends beyond hygiene and design, as we also equip all our products with a range of useful functions to make life easier and more convenient.

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Why choose Geberit CleanLine?

Easy to clean

All shower drains come complete with a comb insert that is easy to rinse and clean.

No edges

No hard-to-reach areas where dirt, bacteria or limescale can accumulate.


The tile-bearing model creates a virtually uninterrupted surface and can be discreetly adapted to suit the floor tiles.


The anti-fingerprint coating makes marks much harder to see.

Dirt doesn’t stand a chance

CleanLine80 in champagne

Shower channels from Geberit not only look good, they are also easy to clean. Unlike many other conventional shower channels, the open outlet surface ensures that neither dirt nor bacteria is able to accumulate.

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Bathroom design benefits for you

Variety of colours

Covers and turn handles are available in various colours to match your bathroom furnishings.

Wide range of sizes

Various sizes are available to suit different spaces and body types.

Continuous tiling

The wall and floor drains for showers pave the way for a consistent bathroom design.

Exceptionally comfortable experience

Our wide bathtubs make bathing even more comfortable.

Shower or bath?

Renova bathroom with bathtub

For many people, there’s nothing quite like a relaxing bubble bath. And then there are those who prefer the convenience of a spacious shower for their daily burst of freshness.

Whatever you prefer, Geberit offers innovative solutions for customised showers and bathtubs.

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