Bathtubs and drain assembliesThe beautiful art of relaxation

Unadulterated wellness with bathtubs from Geberit

Geberit Tawa bathtub

A hot bath is the perfect way to relax the body and mind. Enjoying a bath in your own bathroom provides a moment of peace, relaxation and regeneration. Who wouldn’t appreciate a break from their daily routine?

Geberit offers bathtubs in many formats, designs and with a variety of equipment options to add a touch of wellness to every bathroom and layout. Your specialist retailer will be happy to advise you on the available range.

Why choose a Geberit bathtub?

Warm surface

The surface of the acrylic bathtub feels always feels warm and cosy

Easy to clean

Geberit bathtubs are quick and easy to clean

Simple scratch repair

Liquid acrylic polishes are available to help with stubborn scratches

Sound and thermal insulation

Movements in the bath do not create any loud noises. What’s more, the insulating acrylic keeps the water hot for a long time

Geberit bathsProduct range

Geberit offers high-quality bathroom products that are carefully crafted to provide maximum comfort. Bathtubs from Geberit are also characterised by their beautiful design.

All models are made of durable, resistant acrylic and designed to be lightweight. The white bathtubs go perfectly with any bathroom design.

Soana bathtub

Geberit Soana bathtub
stylish bathing pleasure

With their soft-organic design, the Geberit Soana bathtubs create a truly relaxing bathroom experience. The thermal insulation of the acrylic material keeps the water warm for longer, and the smooth surface finish serves to enhance the overall feeling of well-being.

To ensure nothing compromises the luxurious bathing experience, the bath is available with the waste outlet in the middle or at the narrow end. The bathtub drain with PushControl push actuation makes the ideal addition. Its slim design not only complements the exceptional comfort of the bath, but also allows for easy installation.

Bathtub drainsfor reliable drainage

Geberit bathtub drain with trap

Nothing should get in the way of a relaxing bath-time experience – especially not technical issues. This begins with the installation of the bathtub including all its connections. Our baths are designed to offer maximum comfort both while you are bathing and beyond, with clever Geberit drain assemblies in place to round off your bath-time experience in style.

Geberit drain assemblies for bathtubs offer the following advantages:

  • Fast and reliable installation in almost every construction situation: Flat traps enable a low installation height that makes it easier and more comfortable to get into the bathtub
  • Permanently fast water outflow thanks to flow-optimised traps
  • Fulfilment of all standard requirements
Bathtub drain with turn handle

Drain with turn handle

The bathtub drain with turn handle offers exceptional convenience and ease of use.

The amount of water flowing out can be effortlessly controlled by turning the actuator rosette.

With durable materials and contemporary design options in gloss chrome, white, black matt or white with a chrome edge, the actuator rosette and waste plug are sure to complement the aesthetics of your bathroom.

Bathtub drain: Turn handle with inlet

Drain with integrated inlet

Enjoy the ultimate in bathing comfort without having to worry about changes in temperature. This means you can top up the hot water during your bath without having to change the desired temperature.

  • The inlet is integrated into the drain assembly
  • The combination allows for a minimalistic design
  • The available colours in chrome, white, white with chrome edge, and elegant black matt complement any interior style
Bathtub drain with PushControl function

Drain with PushControl push actuation

The innovative push actuation opens and closes the bathtub drain. This sophisticated mechanism allows for an extremely flat waste outlet for maximum convenience.

In terms of style, the minimalist design of the turn handle adds an elegant touch to any bathroom.

Bathtub legsas a set

When it comes to ensuring a stable installation, bathtub legs are essential. These legs are available as a set from Geberit. Once the bathtub legs have been screwed into place, they can simply be turned to set the required height thanks to their integrated height-adjustable feature.

This means that all bathtubs from Geberit can be quickly and easily adapted to suit any constructional situation and level out any unevenness in the installation phase.

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You can view and buy our bathtubs and drain assemblies at your local specialist dealership or in a showroom near you. Our partners will be happy to help.

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