Geberit Renova PlanAccentuate through geometric shapes

If you want an outstanding bathroom modernisation, the complete bathroom range Renova Plan is the perfect solution. Boasting a variety of ceramic appliance sizes and furniture, the range offers interior design solutions for large and small bathrooms.

Geberit Renova Plan bathroom with toilet, bidet, washbasin and furniture
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Geberit Renova Plan characteristics

  • Modern, angular design
  • Extremely comprehensive product line with a great variety of bathroom furnishings
  • Can be easily combined for an aesthetically pleasing and affordable realization of all bathrooms
  • The ideal solution for any requirement – various washbasin sizes
  • Different tap hole and overflow variations available
  • Splashes drain quickly as the shelf surfaces are slightly slanted to the side and front

Colours and surfacesThe Renova Plan bathroom series is available in the following colours and surface finishes:

Colours: white, high-gloss coated
Colour: lava, matt coated
Surface: hickory
Surface: light hickory

Colours: white high-gloss coated, lava matt coated
Surfaces: hickory, light hickory

Geberit Renova Plan – your Benefits

Product features

Moisture-resistant material

Bathroom furniture with moisture-resistant, high-compressed three-layer chipboard.

Drawers with soft closing

Drawers that finish closing silently and by themselves.

Product catalogueAdditional details for your planning

Bathroom series Renova Plan

Additional information on the Geberit Renova Plan series, including product details and dimensions, can be found in our product catalogue.

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