Sound insulation with GeberitSILENCE INSTALLED

Noise has a detrimental effect on our quality of life

Noise annoyance due to waste water noise

No one wants to hear their neighbour going to the toilet. Waste water noise disturbs us when we are sleeping, reading or working, and results in a flood of complaints to hotel staff, landlords, sanitary engineers and plumbers.

Typical sources of noise

Typical sources of noise in a building

1. Unhindered sound transmission from the WC to the floor and walls
2. Loud discharge pipes
3. Planning errors in bathrooms and rooms requiring sound insulation, such as bedrooms

Sanitary installation solutions

Sound insulation solutions for sanitary installations

1. Sound-absorbing discharge pipes
2. Sound-decoupled prewalls
3. Discharge pipes on the same floor instead of in the flat below
4. Acoustically decoupled wall-hung WCs
5. Good acoustic planning

Reliably quiet

Geberit Building Technology and Acoustics Laboratory

  • Our own Geberit Building Technology and Acoustics Laboratory
  • Training for customers
  • All required products
  • Tested for dozens of construction situations
  • Meets the very toughest requirements of DIN 4109
  • Confirmed by the Fraunhofer Institute

Geberit products for sound insulation

Geberit Silent-db20

Geberit Silent-db20 sound insulation solution

  • Highly sound-insulating
  • Lengthways non-positive clamping or welding joint
  • For high-quality residential buildings, hotels, etc.
  • Ideal for stacks
  • Can be combined with Geberit Silent-PP

Geberit Silent-db20


Waste water acoustics

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