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Geberit flush platesSelected models

Advantages of the virtual showroom

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Filter the products by shape, colour, surface or innovative functions and other criteria

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Choose different products and compare functions, colours and designs

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Detailed descriptions explain the special functions of the flush plates

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Geberit Sigma and OmegaFind your favourite

Geberit Sigma20 and Sigma30 flush plates in white and black

If there’s anywhere you shouldn’t make compromises, its in your bathroom. This is where you choose the tiles, the bathroom sink and the cabinets that you like best. Finding the perfect actuator plate for the WC is the icing on the cake. Geberit actuator plates combine a stylish appearance with a range of innovative comfort functions.

Choosing the right push plate for your cistern often comes down to the tiniest details, but the shape, colour, material and structure all have to work in harmony with the rest of the bathroom furnishings. Discover all the available designs in our showroom in just a few clicks.

Discover the different colours and surfaces in the showroom

Geberit Sigma70 in white glass

Our actuator plate showroom features a whole host of products in elegant colours such as gold, black and lava, It also includes stylish colours like rose gold, brass and black chrome, as well as our popular matt finish in black or white. The surface of the Sigma21 and Sigma50 actuator plates can also be fully customised.

Surfaces made of glass, concrete-look solid surface materials or natural Mustang slate and American walnut blend harmoniously into almost any interior style. Filter the various designs in the actuator plate showroom to suit your preferences.

So which one will it be?

Flush plates – rectangular or round buttons?

White Geberit Sigma flush plates in various designs

The range of Geberit flush plates includes models with buttons in various shapes. The Sigma01, Sigma10 with stop-and-go flush, Sigma20, Omega20 and Sigma21 models along with the type 01 and type 10 remote controls all have round buttons.

Do you prefer a push plate with rectangular actuator buttons? Then be sure to check out the Sigma30, Omega30, Sigma50, Sigma60, Omega60 or Sigma70.

Hands-free flushing is a hygienic option afforded by the Sigma10 touchless actuator plate with round buttons and the Sigma80 complete with elegant, continuous glass surface.

Matching the push plate to the cisternSelecting the right model

Geberit Omega, Geberit Sigma and Geberit Duofix installation systems

Depending on whether your Geberit concealed cistern is of the Sigma or Omega type, you can choose between the actuator plate models of the same name.

This means a Sigma cistern is compatible with a Sigma push plate, but not with the Omega model.

Do you already have a concealed cistern but you are unsure what type? Your plumber will be happy to advise you.

Odour extraction, orientation light and moreAn extensive range of additional functions at your fingertips

Geberit Sigma50 with Geberit DuoFresh

Geberit actuator plates can do more than simply flush. They can also be combined with other functions, such as the DuoFresh module.

This offers an integrated odour extraction unit, a practical orientation light, and an insert for in-cistern blocks all in one. For more freshness and comfort in your bathroom.

Learn more about the functions

Compare flush plates

Woman compares actuator plates from Geberit

With such a wide range of products to choose from, it can be helpful to compare individual models side by side.

This is where our showroom gives you the perfect opportunity to look at the different actuator plates up close. Simply place three models alongside each other and compare their colours, additional functions and designs.

Comparing the products in this way makes it easier for you to choose the right model.

View the actuator plate in a showroom

Customers during a bathroom consultation

Have you decided on an actuator plate? Then why not visit a showroom near you to seek professional advice, browse the actuator plates in real life, and compare them up close before making your purchase.

You can find the location of your nearest showroom in the virtual actuator plate showroom.

Find a showroom

Frequently asked questions about the virtual showroom for Geberit actuator plates

Where can I find Geberit actuator plates for older models?

The actuator plates in the Sigma and Omega series fit the Geberit concealed cisterns of the same name. Of course, you can also combine a new actuator plate with an older Geberit cistern.

Just be sure to contact a plumber to ensure you have correctly identified the installed cistern. They will be happy to advise you on which push plate is compatible with your cistern model.