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Geberit UK

Discover the Science Behind the Sensory Space in our new whitepaper

Science Behind the Sensory Space

We live in a busy world. Our senses have to battle with constant stimulation, distraction and disruption. We want to help architects and designers create spaces that don’t just take our senses into consideration but embrace them too.

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Geberit VariForm washbasins

Geberit VariForm Washbasins

Open up a whole host of possibilities with the new Geberit VariForm. Choose from a variety of geometric shapes – circular, rectangular, oval or elliptic, to create unique variations to suit any bathroom design

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Geberit Bathroom Collection

Geberit Bathroom Collection

Thanks to the various styles, designs and prices, the bathroom collection – which comprise of both ceramics and bathroom furniture – have something to offer for any bathroom. A wide range of washbasins, both with and without cabinets, and cleverly designed furniture with lots of storage space for every design requirement, make the Geberit Bathroom Collection a must for any modern bathroom design.

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Geberit tap system

Safety Information

Important safety information for Geberit AquaClean 8000plus / Balena 8000

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