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Ensuring optimal flow performance in drainage systems is essential to preventing serious blockages. For the specialists at Geberit, however, this is far from enough. Equipped with specially optimised fittings for hydraulics, sound and fire protection, our drainage systems offer maximum safety, performance and tranquillity while occupying minimal space.

With Geberit drainage systems, you can gain plenty of valuable living space and benefit from outstanding design freedom.

Why choose Geberit Silent-db20?

Built-in sound insulation

Special sound insulation ribs reduce noise development on the impact zones.

High discharge capacity

The hydraulically optimised fittings ensure a high discharge capacity, which allows for smaller dimensions and saves space.

Time-saving installation

Geberit Silent-db20 is suitable also for prefabrication in your own repair shop.

Connections for all circumstances

Butt welding, electrofusion welding and clamping connections are all possible.

Robust connectionfor outstanding sound insulation

Be it in a residential estate, a hotel or a meeting room: Noisy drainage pipes are a nuisance. This problem does not even occur with the Geberit Silent-db20 drainage system. The acoustically and hydraulically optimised pipes and fittings are suitable for both stacks and floor connections, and ensure quiet and effective drainage in any building.

Discover Geberit Silent-db20

Why choose Geberit Silent-PP?

Reliably leakproof

High ring stiffness and rib-reinforced fittings for easy and reliable processing.

More performance, less noise

Hydraulically optimised fittings ensure a higher discharge capacity and less noise.

Checkable insertion depth

The correct insertion depth is predetermined by a stop ring.

Secure adapters

Fixed with stainless-steel retaining claws.

Geberit Silent-PP: simple plug-in system for quiet drainage

Cross-section of a Silent-PP tube with layers

The Geberit Silent-PP drainage plug-in system made of robust three-layer pipes is ideal for stacks. It can also be used for fast, economical and sound-optimised floor connections in multi-storey residential buildings or throughout detached and semi-detached houses. In combination with Geberit Silent-Db20 as stack, Silent-PP achieves very good sound insulation values.

The hydraulically optimised geometry of the Geberit Silent-PP fittings facilitates more economical dimensioning. Smaller dimensions are less expensive and have greater load-bearing capacity. Smaller duct sizes also result in further cost benefits.

Discover Geberit Silent-PP

Why choose Geberit PE?

A proven solution

Virtually any drainage task can be handled efficiently with Geberit PE discharge pipes.

Resistant against chemicals

The Geberit PE drainage system is resistant to most standard alkalis, acids and chemicals.

High discharge capacities

Hydraulically optimised for greater efficiency, less space consumption and more living space.

In the wall and floor

The robust Geberit PE pipes can be laid in concrete or in the ground.

Geberit PERobust resistance – no matter what

Geberit PE branch fitting and pipe

The Geberit PE drainage system is capable of withstanding temperatures, pressure and aggressive media. The robust pipes are available in all common diameters from d32 to d315, and the range of fittings – including the special fittings – is as comprehensive as it gets. The polyethylene pipe material is very light yet incredibly tough, and the connection technologies ensure permanent tightness and high tensile strength. The system includes detail-tested components and practical tools for the building site and workshop.

Geberit also offers the Geberit Pluvia active roof drainage system along with the space-saving SuperTube hydraulic fittings.

Discover Geberit PE

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