Installation systems and flushing systemsfor prewall installation

When it comes to the simple and secure installation of wall-hung WCs, bathroom sinks, bathroom cabinets or showers, it is essential to ensure that the right installation elements and system components from Geberit are in place behind the wall. From the perfectly matched components of our systems for prewall installation such as Geberit Duofix, Geberit Kombifix, concealed and exposed cisterns, as well as flush and fill valves, you can create customised solutions for almost any construction task in front of the wall. Sophisticated, reliable prewall elements make for straightforward sanitary installations in the bathroom.

Why choose a Geberit prewall installation?

Maximum design freedom

Versatile applications for drywall constructions, solid constructions or prefabrications.

Economical installation

Installation aids and largely tool-free installation, not to mention easy accessibility.

Exceptional quality

Statically safe and fulfils the structural requirements for all types of installation.

Planning security

Material and costing reliability thanks to the Geberit ProPlanner planning tool.

Geberit Duofix: simple and universal installation in drywall constructions

Geberit Duofix installation system

Used as a system or individual prewall element, Geberit Duofix opens up a whole new world of design options for new buildings and renovations. Together with the associated mounting rails and studs, these elements can be used to create complete, statically load-bearing prewall and partition wall installations including tile-bearing panelling – and all this quickly and tool-free on site. These enable free placement of the various sanitary appliances. Thanks to telescopic technology, the room height can be adjusted without cutting to length. The studs are screwed tool-free into the ceiling rail and then clicked into the floor profile. The swivelling stud head automatically adapts to pitched roofs, allowing for easy installation even in these spaces. There is also optimal sound decoupling between the prewall and solid wall.

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Why choose a Geberit cistern?

Spare parts availability for 50 years

The flush function of the WC concealed cistern is ensured for a long time thanks to the availability of the spare parts.

Exceptional quality

The seamless, one-piece cistern made of durable PE-HD is rigorously tested for tightness.

Easy and reliable installation

Proven routines and simple connections such as the potable water connection make for error-free and tool-free installation.

Versatile applications

Virtually all areas of application and constructional situations are covered with the help of different installation heights.

Geberit concealed cisterns: The benchmark for sanitary installations

Geberit Duofix element with Sigma concealed cistern

Geberit concealed cisterns set standards in terms of reliability and durability, not to mention secure, flexible and time-saving installation. Geberit offers suitable products for almost every constructional situation, as well as for different construction heights. Access to the cistern is easy via the service opening in the actuator plate. This makes it incredibly straightforward to carry out maintenance work or replace parts. Thanks to Geberit’s long-term spare parts availability, even old cisterns can be refurbished and equipped with water-saving flush technology. The installation elements of the concealed cisterns are certified for fire protection, sound insulation, moisture protection and statics. In the contract sector, these elements can also be used in industrial prefabrication processes without any problems.

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Why choose Geberit fill valves and flush valve systems?

Easy to install

Count on simple, precise installation and extensive setting options for flush volume and performance.


Dirt-resistant thanks to a water filter concept that has been tried and tested millions of times, as with the Unifill type 380 fill valve.

Backwards compatibility

The fill valves and flush valve systems are backwards compatible for up to 50 years.


The ability to set the appropriate flush volume and the use of recycled plastic represent a clear commitment to sustainability.

Type 212: The flush valve for all cisterns

Geberit type 212 flush valve

The Geberit flush valve type 212 has been included in all Geberit Sigma and Omega concealed cisterns since 2022. This flush valve is perfectly coordinated with the Geberit ceramics to ensure optimal flushing out. The slim and compact design facilitates quick installation and removal via the cistern service opening. The large flush volume can be set to 4, 4.5, 6 and 7.5 litres, while the small flush volume can be set between 2 and 4 litres. In terms of the integrated throttle, this can be set at five different levels to reduce oversplashing of the WC ceramics.

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Your benefits thanks to the integrated additional elements

Power via outlet mounting box

The Geberit Power & Connect Box makes it easier to install comfort functions and connect them to the mains.

Conduit pipe for subsequent water supply connection

Suitable for retrofitting a shower toilet, a hygiene flush unit or accessibility functions.

Clear separation of trades

The ‘sanitary’ and ‘electrical’ trades are clearly separated. The plug & play functionality can be handled by a sanitary specialist, as an electrician is not required for the 12 V connections.

Simple retrofitting

It couldn’t be easier to replace a WC with a shower toilet, or retrofit an odour extraction unit, touchless toilet flush or hygienic flush unit.

Integrate electrical connections right from the start

Geberit Power & Connect box

It might not be long until the people who are having conventional toilets installed today are swayed by the appeal of shower toilets, odour extraction systems, orientation lighting and remote flush actuation. If all the necessary connections are available from the outset, there is no need for costly conversion work afterwards.

This is where the Geberit Power & Connect Box makes it easy to integrate an electrical connection for the WC into the installation element. It creates the perfect conditions for various comfort and additional functions in the bathroom.

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