Geberit AquaCleanAlba

Pleasantly simpleFor shower toilet beginners

The new standard in the bathroom

Geberit AquaClean Alba is a simple, stylish toilet with spray functionality. It’s the ideal entry-level shower toilet option, offering all the most important functions of a shower toilet while staying in the lower price range. When considering a new WC you can enjoy the benefits of an elegant and effective shower toilet for just a small extra cost compared to a conventional toilet.

The video will show you a functional overview.

EquipmentGeberit AquaClean Alba

WhirlSpray shower technology
Rimless ceramic appliance with TurboFlush technology
Remote control
Remote control app
Programmable user profiles (via app)
5 adjustable pressure levels (via app)
Adjustable spray arm position (via app)
Adjustable shower water temperature (via app)
Oscillating spray
SoftClosing mechanism
User recognition
Descaling function
Economy mode
Geberit AquaClean Alba with open WC lid
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Easy operationof AquaClean Alba

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