Geberit 2023 inspirational trend guide


Knowing when to respond to a trend is crucial – it allows you to respond in a way that’s right for both your business and customer. This year we've collaborated with global future trends agency, Trends Bible to create a report based on the future trends forecast. We have selected 4 current themes related to the bathroom space and dived into the finer details on how to create this theme in your bathroom.

Who are trendbible?

TrendBible is a global future trends agency, which provide the clarity, direction and support to help you face what's ahead and to step confidently into it. Geberit, has teamed up with a global future trends agency to digitally publish its 2023 Trends Report, revealing market insights, new products and bathroom interiors inspiration.

The bespoke annual report offers consumers insight, advice and inspiration bringing together real-world surveys, studies and research to deliver four key trends matched with products, styling tips and colour suggestions all driven by market insights. The findings cover current consumer habits from the home improvement and DIY trend, to the TikTok generation and Perma-crisis mode.

Market Overview

Home Improvements

After a boom in the property market in 2021, followed by a significantly slower 2022, property experts predict the buying and selling market will continue to be slow throughout 2023. Currently, demand for houses to buy out weighs supply. With fewer people able to move house admist rising costs, we can expect that even more householders will be looking to update their existing home decor, applying an ‘improve instead of move’ mindset.

Many householders are feeling the impacts of shifting global economies on their personal budgets and want to make savvy and sustainable choices, therefore opportunities to invest in quality, design led fixtures and fittings will hold appeal.

DIY Attitudes

The rising cost of living has had a huge impact on the costs of materials. Due to fuel shortages and increased fuel prices both the production and distribution of materials has been affected. Materials such as structural steels,cement and plywoods aresome of the most difficult to source, this is addingon average 25% to the a domestic renovation project budget.

As a result of this cost increase, 68% of UK homeowners are choosing to complete a variety of home improvement tasks themselves, rather than outsourcing them to a third party, with younger generations taking up the mantle of the DIY nation. (Survey from Blinds Direct)

The TikTok Generation

Thanks to the rise of TikTok as an inspiration platform for Gen Z, a survey (by Blinds Direct) has revealed that 58% of 18-24 year olds are keen to update their home decor themselves, ensuring that the next generation is equally as interested in DIY and home improvements. We have given examples of this throughout this report.

Perma-Crisis Mode

It’s easy to feel that we are living in a state of permacrisis.The age of the internet has meant our exposure to crisis is greater than ever before and we feel overwhelmed as a result. Post Covid-19, we’ve seen rapid changes within the climate crisis, causing an increase in natural disasters. War and unrest has broken out, leaving millions displaced and seeking asylum.

The cost of living has widespread implications in the UK. In October 2022,household fuel costs went up by 11.7% - the highest on record, meaning many households were faced with the dilemma of heat or eat?

With so much doom and gloom, uncertainty and financial pressure on consumers, it’s understandable why we have found ourselves facing a new pandemic - a mental health crisis. Individuals’ mental health and wellbeing are not only suffering but also high on consumer’s agendas with many looking to safeguard themselves and their loved ones.

Botanical Retreat

Botanical Retreat

This maximalist story transforms bathrooms into high-end, spa-like retreats that are wrapped in an oasis of greenery and filled with intricate pattern and texture reflecting the natural world.

The aroma of rich-scented oils, Himalyan salts and flower petals fill the room as consumers prepare for their spiritual bathing ritual.

Moorish inspired pattern adorns walls and floors and adds interest to accessories. Marble textures, brushed metallic fixtures and fittings and ornate details add a sense of luxury.

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Nordic Cleanse

Nordic Cleanse

This trend is driven by the self-care movement and the need for a space within the home to enter a complete state of rest and recuperation. Inspired by Scandi minimalism and Nordic lifestyles, including sauna and ice bathing therapies.

The bathroom becomes a haven of calm contemplation, supporting both mental and physical wellbeing. Interiors are washed with cool-green and blue tones. Subtle gritty textures and light wood grains add tactility and warmth.

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A slower pace of life and deeper connection to the natural world drives this story.

Bathrooms radiate the relaxed flair of sun soaked days spent in the Mediterranean. Natural materials such as clay and terracotta take centre stage and are layered with sun baked hues and mid-dark wood tones to bring the feeling of warmth.

Handcrafted and woven accessories add tactility, finishing off the perfect nonchalant setting for a slow morning routine.

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Urban Sanctuary

Urban Sanctuary

This trend is driven by the revival of mid-century modern style and urbanisation.

Bathrooms are functional, minimalistic and celebrate the use of indutrial materials, powder coated steel and concrete composites.

Terrazzo adds a retro nostalgic feel and the mix of surfaces imbues a sense of durability and permanence.

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