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Geberit Trend mood board Botanical Retreat

Key Drivers for this trend

Green is the new grey

Green is the new grey

  • Biophillic colour.
  • New found confidence in green.
  • Plant-filled environments

colour palette

Lush green colour palette
Rich floral colour palette

This colour palette of lush greens and rich floral notes creates an environment for deep relaxation.

This palette is highly versatile allowing for a variety of bold and tonal colour combinations. Use just the bottom half of this palette to create an oasis of greenery. Pair with crisp and milky whites for a fresh feel.

Use hero shades like Potpourri and Deep Teal for a statement wall. These pair nicely with the more neutral tones of the palette, such as ancient water, Blue surf and Blue Flower. Combine with brass and gold fixtures, fittings and accessories for a luxurious feel.

Red Plum and Orchid Petal uplift the palette, representing the colours found in dried petals and plants, such as rose and lavender.

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styling direction

Botanical Retreat styling direction
Botanical Retreat styling direction
Botanical Retreat Styling direction

Styling for this trend needs to include;

  • An abundance of leafy houseplants; Calathea's Boston Fern, Spider Plant, Ivy, Cheeseplants
  • Make the perfect set up for a spiritual ritual. Include a tray or set up on the vanity with scented candles, bath salts, flower petals and botanical greens
  • Intricate and ornate details for accessories and tiling - Scalloped edges and hand painted Moorish inspired patterning
  • Warm metallic accents are important, think brushed brass and gold for accessories like mirrors, cosmetic trays, toilet roll holders and towel racks
  • Dried flower petals - in the bath, scattered around, or infused in soaps and bath bombs