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Geberit trend mood board Reconnect

Key Drivers for this trend

Natural Materials

Natural Materials

  • Reconnect with the Earth
  • Shift to baked tones
  • Clay & terracotta

colour palette

Toasty red colour palette
Natural warmth colour palette

This palette radiates the warmth of the natural world. A base of warm neutrals, reminiscent of plaster pink and stone tones, Pale Blush and Crystal Grey are combined with terracotta and rust shades, like Toasted Nut and Bombay Brown.

The clay pink and soft green in this palette help to uplift the more grounded and natural shades.

Add warm white or unbleached linen to amp up the breezy summer vibes.


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styling direction

Reconnect styling direction
Reconnect styling direction
Reconnect styling direction

Styling for this trend needs to include;

  • With enviromental concerns front of mind, consumers are seeking to buy less, therefore good quality sustainable products which provide longevity are important here
  • Everyday products and accessories are expected to be aesthetically pleasing, timeless and eco-friendly. Think beautiful amber glass or travertine refill bottles, woven jute, ratten or sisal for storage bags and baskets
  • Dried flowers, leaves and grasses represent the dry summer heat. Pampas grass is a key accessory for this trend
  • Limewash effects, micro cement or chalk paint provide a tactile backdrop for styling