Neelam BalaTechnical Pre-Sales Manager

Neelam Bala - Technical Pre-Sales Manager

An experienced CAD technician with a passion for service excellence, Neelam is the driving force behind our Technical Pre-Sales team. She has a degree in Architectural Design Technology and works with customers on technical issues, strategic planning and BIM data, as well as overseeing the team.

“We combine speed of turn around with the problem-solving advice our customers require. It’s an added value service which can support even the most complex of specifications.”

Diljeet Gill - Geberit Technical Pre-Sales Team

DILJEET GILLTechnical Pre-Sales Support

Diljeet was an original member of the Technical Pre-Sales team, having previously worked in a number of technical roles on sanitary and piping projects. With a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Diljeet’s broad experience ensures he is well placed to deal with customers and technical teams from across the business to offer effective specification solutions.