Geberit WC systemsfaster installation

The concealed cistern and toilets from Geberit are not only perfectly coordinated, but they also offer real advantages for plumbers and end customers alike. The impressive Geberit WC system offers straightforward installation, outstanding flush performance, and system benefits that ensure optimum use for the long term.

40 per cent faster installation

The innovative installation techniques and straightforward maintenance mean that the entire installation is 40 per cent faster than with conventional cisterns and WC ceramic appliances.

  • Mostly tool-free installation
  • Simple type EFF3 fastening
  • Clever installation devices

WC Installation that saves time

Up to 10 times better flushingUnbeatable combination of flush technology and ceramics

In combination with the Geberit cistern, the Geberit WC ceramic appliance provides outstanding flush performance that is up to 10 times better than the standard requirement. The optimised flush geometry and hydraulics are just two of many ways in which this is achieved.

Geberit System BenefitsThanks to tried and tested quality

You can always count on Geberit’s long-term warranties and spare parts availability.

  • Spare parts availability for 50 years: On all replaceable mechanical parts of the concealed cistern and actuator plate. Excluded are the specific functionalities of electronic products (e.g. Hygiene Flush or DuoFresh).
  • Lifetime warranty: On Geberit ceramic appliances after registration by the end customer.
  • 6 months’ right of return: In the event of dissatisfaction with the flush performance of the Geberit concealed cistern and Geberit WC ceramic appliance combination after registration by the end customer. Valid for WC ceramic appliances from the ONE, Acanto and iCon series.

More performance with the Geberit WC System

Better flush performance with Geberit TurboFlush

The special inner geometry means the water is precisely controlled to ensure full-surface flushing. This makes the flushing-out performance up to 10 times better than the specifications of international standards while also being particularly quiet.

Easy cleaning of the Acanto WC

Easy-to-clean Surfaces
Thanks to additional functions

The rimless and Geberit WC ceramic appliances, easy-to-remove seat, and KeraTect® special glaze make cleaning the toilet a breeze.

Range of surfaces available for the Geberit Sigma70 actuator plate

Greater design choice
The perfect style for every taste

Choose from a variety of designs, materials and colours to find the perfect actuator plate for your bathroom and style.