Floor-even showers Pure showering pleasure

Floor-even showers are in vogue as they enable barrier-free access to the shower area. In all our shower versions, there is a focus on attractive design, simple cleaning and hydraulically optimised drain technology. Whether with a separate shower surface in antislip materials, in different sizes and colours or with tiled shower areas in a uniform room design, we offer the right solution for all requirements and spaces – and all with innovative, perfectly coordinated design and technology.

Ensuring enjoyment in the shower

 The Geberit ONE walk-in shower panel is anchored in the prewall without any visible fittings and is therefore particularly easy to clean.
The niche storage box is designed in such a way that water cannot collect and dirt cannot accumulate. It is optionally available with a mirrored door.
The tile-bearing niche storage box blends in perfectly with the wall design.

The integrated niche storage box is a particularly sophisticated solution for ensuring a tidy shower area. It is used to store care products and keep them within easy reach. Splash water and dirt residues drain off to the front, thus minimising the amount of cleaning required. The shelf surface can also be concealed with an optional sliding mirror door.

Regardless of which solution you choose – Geberit offers timeless design combined with outstanding functionality.

Geberit shower channels of the CleanLine series

Bathroom with Geberit shower channel CleanLine

Geberit shower channels of the CleanLine series not only look good but are also easy to clean. Unlike many other conventional shower channels, the open outlet surface ensures that neither dirt nor bacteria is able to accumulate.

Simply clean

  • Open outlet surface: no hidden deposits
  • Handy cover: easy and convenient to open
  • Practical comb insert: remove – flush out – and everything’s clean again
  • Optimum length: the shower channel can be cut to the desired length directly at the time of installation
  • Easy installation: complete installation kit for effortless installation and sealing by the plumber
  • Available as Geberit shower channel CleanLine20 or CleanLine60
  • Stainless steel brushed with polished or dark drain side

Interactively discover the advantages of the Geberit shower channel

Geberit shower channels of the CleanLine series
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Geberit wall drain for showers

Geberit wall drain for a floor-even shower

Elegant behind the wall

The Geberit wall drain for showers clears the way for a barrier-free bathroom with a consistent design. By moving the drain from the floor to behind the wall, you can preserve the flawless tiled appearance of the floor-even shower and you will no longer have to step on the drain.

Geberit floor drain for showers

Removable cover of the Geberit shower floor drain

Compact and effective

The dimensions of the Geberit shower floor drain are only 80 x 80 mm and it is therefore more compact than many conventional floor drains. However, this does not affect its attractive appearance or its discharge rate.

Geberit shower surface Setaplano

Bathroom with Geberit shower surface Setaplano

The new Geberit shower surface Setaplano is made of a high-quality solid surface material. The advantages of this material are evident from the very first touch. Unlike metal, glass or ceramic, it is both pleasantly warm and silky-smooth to the touch. Furthermore, the Geberit shower surface Setaplano is particularly easy to clean.

Touch it. Love it.

  • Fits into every environment: silk-matt, white surface
  • Non-porous and particularly non-slip material
  • Drain positioned at the side for maximum free space without backwater
  • There are no edges in the drain area where dirt can collect
  • Practical comb insert for easy cleaning
  • Easy and reliable installation by the skilled person thanks to the pre-mounted components
  • Available in various sizes

Reasons to choose Geberit shower surface Setaplano

Features of the Geberit Setaplano shower surface
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Touch it. Love it.

Feel the difference with the Geberit Setaplano shower surface.

Geberit CleanLine shower channels

Doesn’t give dirt a chance: Geberit shower channel, part of the CleanLine series – simply clean.

All technical information about floor-even showers can be found in the Online Catalogue

Design award for Geberit shower channels of the CleanLine series and Geberit wall drain for showers

Red Dot Award for Geberit shower channels of the CleanLine series
Product Design Award for Geberit wall drain for showers