Geberit bathtubs and bathtub drains The beautiful art of relaxation

Geberit bathtubs

Pleasant warmth relaxes the limbs, while beguiling fragrances pamper the senses. Enjoying a bath in your own bathroom provides a moment of peace, relaxation and regeneration – one of the best ways to escape our everyday lives. Treat yourself to a little spa feeling in warm water.

Stylish bathing experience

Geberit Soana bathtub

With their soft-organic design, the Geberit Soana bathtubs create a truly relaxing bathroom experience. The smooth surface not only helps keep the water warmer for longer, it also enhances the feeling of well-being. The bathtub is available with the waste outlet either in the middle or at the narrow end. The slim design of the Geberit PushControl bathtub drain perfectly complements the exceptional comfort of the bathtub.

Flat profile for convenient bathtub access

From a technical point of view, it is important to consistently eliminate any issues that may disturb a relaxing bath. This begins during the installation of the bathtub along with all connections and naturally pays off during and after the bath.

The Geberit bathtub drains therefore feature the following advantages:

  • Fast and reliable installation in almost every construction situation: Flat traps enable a low installation height and thus a comfortable entry into the bathtub
  • Permanently fast water outflow thanks to flow-optimised traps
  • Fulfilment of all standard requirements


Geberit bathtub drain with pushbutton actuation PushControl

Geberit bathtub drain with pushbutton actuation PushControl
  • The innovative pushbutton actuation opens and closes the bathtub drain
  • The sophisticated mechanics allow for an extremely flat drain valve and thus the highest level of convenience

Geberit set of feet

Once the bathtub legs have been screwed together, they can simply be turned to set the required height thanks to their integrated height-adjustable feature. This means that bathtubs can easily and quickly be adapted to any constructional situation.



Find out about installation of the Geberit PushControl bathtub drain with turn handle actuation.

More technical information about Geberit Baths and drains can be found in the product catalogue


iF Product Design Award for Geberit Bathtub Drain