Night light effect

Dim light sources help you to orientate yourself in the dark

Everyone knows what it is like to be wrenched from a deep sleep in the middle of the night by a full bladder. Dim light sources can help you to find the toilet, even in the dark, because although your sleep has been disturbed, you are still half-asleep. This is mainly due to the release of melatonin – a sleep-inducing hormone responsible for ensuring that our bodies switch to sleep mode virtually automatically at night.

A healthy sleep cycle is a valuable commodity. People who do not get enough sleep rarely function at 100% during the day. To make sure that your body clock does not get disrupted despite a trip to the toilet and that you can return to your well-earned slumber as quickly as possible, you should keep the following points in mind.

  • Bright light can interfere with your biological clock and restrict the amount of melatonin you produce. So try not to switch on any lights on your way to the toilet – if you do, use night lighting with a dimming function.
  • Avoid light sources that produce a lot of blue light. This interferes with melatonin production, which is necessary for getting back to sleep easily, as it signals to your body that the night is over.
  • Opt for orientation lights with motion sensors in the bathroom, as these lights will show you the way to the toilet when you enter the bathroom. These light sources are generally pale and dim, ensuring that only the required appliance is softly illuminated.

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