How to save water

Water is a valuable resource, so avoiding wastage makes sense and saves money. In Western homes, more than half of all water is consumed in the bathroom, so this is where particular attention is required. By far the greatest potential for saving water can be harnessed by using the dual-flush and the stop-and-go flush functions fitted to the toilet.

Woman turns on the tap and tests the intensity and temperature of the water jet

Saving water when you flush the toilet

Around 12 litres of water can be used whenever the toilet is flushed, however massive savings have been achieved with the introduction of the stop-and-go flush function, and the dual-flush function. According to one model calculation, all dual-flush and stop-and-go cisterns installed since 1998 have so far saved around 28,100 million cubic metres of water in comparison to traditional flushing systems. In 2018 alone, 2,880 million cubic metres of water were saved. This is more than half of the annual consumption of all German households.

Even the smallest drop counts

Each and every one of us can save plenty of water simply by adopting the right habits: when you take a shower, you consume around 80 litres less water compared with taking a bath. Turning the water off while you soap yourself, clean your teeth or wash your hands also saves a considerable amount of water.

It is also possible to install water-saving shower heads with flow limiters and special aerators which reduce the flow of water in the tap.

Saving water efficiently in the bathroom is not a Herculean task but merely requires a little more attention in addition to the right sanitary products.

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