Tools and accessoriesFast work progress with electrohydraulics

Approved pressing operations are created with the Geberit pressing jaws, pressing collars and adapter jaws. These tools are used as the basis for system approvals.

  • Compact and lightweight with high performance
  • Also suitable for restricted construction situations
  • Slim, non-slip handle for reliable handling
  • Electrohydraulic drive
  • Good visibility in dark corners thanks to integrated LEDs (Geberit pressing tools ACO 203plus / ECO 203)
  • Easy maintenance thanks to the brushless motor (Geberit pressing tools ACO 203plus)

Overview of the Geberit pressing tools

Pressing tool   Geberit MeplaGeberit Mapress 
Geberit Mepla hand-operated pressing plier-H<1.7 kg16-26  
ACO 103plus[1]A1.7 kg16-4012-35LED pressing point light
With Bluetooth® interface for the NovoCheck app
ACO 203plus[2]A2.8 kg16-7512-66.7LED pressing point light
With Bluetooth® interface for the NovoCheck app
ACO 203 XLplus[2XL]A3.8 kg16-7512-108With Bluetooth® interface for the NovoCheck app
MFP 2[2]H4.5 kg16-7512-54 

H = handheld equipment; A = with rechargeable battery; N = with mains cable
x kg: Weight of the handheld equipment including rechargeable battery without pressing tool
* HCPS is delivered with its own pressing jaws which are not compatible with other devices

New pressing tools and rechargeable batteries

New Geberit pressing tools ACO 103plus, ACO 203plus and ACO 203XLplus with Bluetooth®

New rechargeable batteries with 5 Ah for the Geberit pressing tools ACO 203Plus and ACO 203XL for three more pressings up to a dimension of d108 in comparison to rechargeable batteries with 1.8 Ah.

The maintenance-free pressing jaws are available from 2018 for all Geberit pressing systems in supply piping systems with compatibilities [1] and [2].