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Touchless WC Flush Controls Hygienic, convenient, simply safe

Hygienic, clean and well flushed - domestic, semi-public and publics WCs are always inviting to users with safe, touchless solutions for WC flush activation ensure the reliable actuation of a flush after every use.

Geberit Sigma10
  • Reliable proximity detection
  • Adjustable pre-flush and interval flush for the strictest hygienic requirements
  • For dual flush
  • Can be triggered manually in the event of power failure
  • Safe operation with extra-low voltage
  • Battery version for trouble-free retrofitting

Meets the strictest requirements

Geberit Sigma80

Geberit WC flush controls are typically actuated automatically and touchlessly when the WC user leaves, or by a hand motion near the visible IR sensor. In the event of a power failure, manual actuation is also possible. In this way the WC flush controls meet the strictest hygiene requirements. In the event of a power failure, manual actuation is also possible. In this way the WC flush controls meet the strictest hygiene requirements and the dual flush function meets the necessity and wish for saving water.

Reliable proximity detection

Geberit Sigma10

The WC flush controls work using reliable proximity detection. The emitted IR beam is reflected by the user and picked up by the position receiver. If the user is outside the detection range, he is not picked up. In contrast to conventional processes, which measure the intensity of the reflected light beam, this active proximity detection guarantees that the user is reliably detected even if he is wearing black clothing and in changing light conditions.

Perfectly hygienic with pre-flush and interval flush

Geberit Sigma80

In addition to the automatic flush or flush actuated by a hand motion, a pre-flush can also be programmed, which triggers a flush before use when the user approaches the WC. A permanently adjustable interval flush, which prevents stagnation in the drinking water pipe, likewise ensures increased cleanliness and improved hygiene.

Secure power supply

Geberit Sigma80 Bathroom

For maximum safety during installation and operation, Geberit WC flush controls work with extra-low voltage and plug connections equipped with cross-polarity protection. Individual settings can also be made at a later date with the Geberit Service Handy. IR controls and servomotors are pre-mounted. Sigma10 actuator plates with infrared windows can be screwed on quickly and easily.

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