Waste water hydraulics with GeberitReliable building drainage

A challenge for sanitary engineers and plumbers

Empty siphons or highly fluctuating water levels in the WC, as well as oversized systems or unnecessary ventilation ducts, are all indications of inadequate planning or installation. This can result in user complaints and significant costs.

Drainage solutions

Geberit hydraulic tower

  • Practical training for sanitary engineers and plumbers on Geberit hydraulic towers
  • In-house Geberit research in the laboratory and on computers
  • Hydraulically optimised products

Geberit SuperTube

Visualization of space saved with Geberit SuperTube

Save space in high-rise buildings thanks to optimised hydraulics. Installing the fittings using SuperTube technology prevents the column of air in the discharge stack from being disrupted. As a result, a high discharge capacity is achieved with a relatively low diameter of d110 without an additional ventilation pipe.

  • More residential and floor space
  • Simple planning and installation
  • Smaller, consistent pipe diameters
  • No additional ventilation pipes
  • Horizontal pipelines without slopes (up to six metres)

Geberit SuperTube


Hydraulics expertise at Geberit

Saving space in tall buildings – watch the Geberit SuperTube story.

Waste water hydraulics

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Geberit SuperTube explained in a nutshell

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