Keeping ceramic appliances clean Special glaze KeraTect®

Geberit Xeno vanity basin

During cleaning, the surface plays a decisive role – the smoother it is, the easier it is to look after. As a result, Geberit developed the special glaze KeraTect® – an extremely smooth and hygienic solution that ensures long-term protection of the ceramic appliances. Thanks to the virtually non-porous and extremely smooth surface, appliances can be kept clean simply and efficiently.

Both the WC ceramic appliances and washbasins are available with the special glaze KeraTect® either as standard (Geberit ONE and Geberit Xeno²) or optionally in other series. You will really notice the difference – and cleaning will no longer be such a chore.

A washbasin ceramic appliance with special glaze KeraTect

KeraTect® at a glance:

  • Virtually non-porous and extremely smooth
  • Dirt-repellent, hygienic and clean
  • Very easy to look after
  • Durable and scratchproof

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