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Geberit shower toilets are synonymous with high-quality product materials, soft lines and flowing transitions. The aesthetic and technical brilliance of these masterpieces is the work of designer Christoph Behling. “When Geberit asked me to design the ‘best toilet in the world’, I was thrilled,” recalls the renowned industrial designer based in London.

According to Behling’s philosophy, a designer product has to be perfect. Learn more about his road to perfection.

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Christoph Behling, creator of luxury watches, solar boats and Geberit products, shares with Geberit a passion for timeless perfection, quality and sustainability.

Geberit products are more than just trends. They represent enduring reliability. In a world where products quickly go out of fashion, Geberit embraces timeless aesthetics and quality – a philosophy shared by the designer himself: “It would be a crime to design toilets that go out of fashion after five years and then have to be ripped from the wall because people no longer like them,” he believes. It is this mindset that results in products designed to stand the test of time.​

The bathroom revolution

The future of the bathroom is here – and we’re helping to shape it. “The bathroom is the room in the house that is going to change the most over the next few years,” Behling is convinced. This is exactly why Geberit counts on technical innovations and design expertise to make the bathroom a haven of modernity and well-being. This holistic approach showcases how products such as Geberit AquaClean shower toilets are revolutionising hygiene, convenience and the bathroom ambience as a whole. ​

The visionary ideas of Christoph Behling

About Christoph BehlingThe designer par excellence

Christoph Behling interview

Born in Geneva, Switzerland, and raised in Germany, Christoph Behling embraced his passion early on through studies in Industrial Design at the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart. It was during his time in Stuttgart that he initiated the development of solar boats, firmly establishing his identity as a creator of sustainable products.

He founded the London-based Christoph Behling Design Studio and SolarLab Research & Design in 2004. That same year, he began working as the head designer for Swiss luxury watch specialist TAG Heuer.

Christoph Behling has also been designing products for Geberit since 2006. Today, Behling enjoys an international reputation as one of Europe’s most respected industrial designers and has received numerous awards for his work.

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