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Shower toilets from a medical perspective

As far as the experts are concerned, one thing is certain: the only way to clean our bottoms thoroughly is with water. Discover interesting facts about cleaning with water in this interview with gastroenterologist Prof. Dr. med. Bernhard Sauter:

  • What are the positive effects of proper care?
  • Who are the target markets for shower toilets? Are they also recommended for women?
  • Are shower toilets hygienic?
  • How do patients react to a shower toilet and what are their experiences with it?

The expert Point of view Why choose a shower toilet?

Water is the most gentle option for the skin

Find out which other parts of the body the skin around the bottom can be compared to and why it calls for a particularly gentle kind of care.

Essential care principles: Your skin will be thankful

Cleaning with water offers a whole bunch of benefits – tune in to discover the many positive effects. It yields along with details on the best way to take care of your intimate area.

Who are the target markets for shower toilets?

In this video, the expert discusses whether shower toilets are suitable for general use or only recommended in special situations.

Are shower toilets also suitable for women?

Learn more about whether anatomical differences have an impact on women’s use of shower toilets and what study results prove.

What’s the current standard when it comes to hygiene

Discover everything you need to know about shower toilet hygiene.

What are people’s reactions to a shower toilet?

Happy, apprehensive, curious… it’s a full spectrum! Tune in for the different reactions.