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AquaClean Mera with touchless WC lid automatic function

What is a shower toilet?

Perfect combination The WC with spray functionality

A shower is an incredibly refreshing experience that offers a feeling of total cleanliness. The same applies when visiting the WC, with water being the most effective way of cleaning after going to the toilet. This is where a shower toilet comes in to combine these needs perfectly. A toilet with an integrated shower spray offers a thorough and gentle cleaning experience without the need for toilet paper.

Often referred to as a Japanese toilet, a shower toilet guarantees perfect personal hygiene after every visit to the toilet and is suitable for everyone – regardless of age, health or gender.

Simple and clean Here’s how the spray functionality works

Step 1

The spray arm starts in its protected park position. It is automatically rinsed before each use to ensure it is always perfectly clean. As soon as you start the shower procedure at the touch of a button, the shower arm extends.

Step 2

Seconds later, you will feel a pleasant jet of water that cleanses you after using the toilet.

Step 3

Once the shower procedure is complete, the spray arm is automatically rinsed and returned to its park position. As a result, you will feel thoroughly clean and exceptionally fresh for the rest of the day.​

Higher standard of cleanliness

Finally feel completely clean after every visit to the toilet. The shower spray cleans the most intimate parts of your body gently and effectively.

Fresh feeling

Experience the beneficial indulgence of soothingly warm water, an excellent shower spray and a feeling of outstanding cleanliness.

Personal choice

Your bathroom, your decision. Get inspired by shapes, colours, materials and individual settings to really enhance your WC experience.

Extra comfort

Opt for additional comfort functions and transform your toilet into an oasis of well-being. Why not try our indulgent WC seat heating for a soothing experience all year round?

Unparalleled satisfaction Shower toilets captivate the world

92 per cent satisfaction with Geberit AquaClean shower toilet
Customer satisfaction scale for Geberit AquaClean

Geberit has been committed to advancing the world of shower toilets for over 45 years. The satisfaction of our customers confirms that toilets with an integrated shower spray are very much in line with contemporary preferences and met with real enthusiasm. In fact, over 80% of Geberit customers are very satisfied and would recommend the shower toilets to others. (2019, Geberit customer survey, 700 respondents)