Bathroom cabinet mirrorsSuitable for every bathroom

Illuminated bathroom mirrors and mirror cabinets not only make sure the room is bright enough, they also help to create the perfect feel-good atmosphere.

This includes highlighting your reflection in the best possible light. So no matter whether you are putting on make-up or shaving, illuminated mirrors and mirror cabinets from Geberit provide the lighting you need right where you need it. At the same time, they create a pleasant atmosphere in the room as a whole and also provide practical functions.

Bathroom mirrors with lighting and mirror cabinets are available in a wide range of versions and designs.

Mirror cabinets and illuminated mirrors from GeberitSelected models

Why choose a Geberit mirror?

Wide variety of illuminating designs

Whether you want round, square, oval, black or aluminium-coloured, we have the perfect mirror to suit your bathroom.

Different sizes

Large or small, you will find the ideal mirror size in our extensive range.

Pleasant lighting

Our lighting concept works without dazzling and ensures you are always in the right light.

Feel-good ambience in the bathroom

Natural lighting conditions create a pleasant atmosphere.

Bathroom mirror cabinets for more storage space

Our mirror cabinets not only create an impressive talking point in the bathroom, but they are also real all-rounders. They provide optimum lighting at the washbasin and offer additional storage space for toothbrushes and other accessories within easy reach.

Depending on the model, they are available with two or three mirror doors and with or without a shelf surface under the mirror. Our mirror cabinets even include other practical functions such as power sockets, a USB connection and a magnifying mirror inside the cabinet.

Their universal design makes the mirror cabinets the perfect complement to all bathroom sinks and bathroom cabinets from Geberit.

Mirror cabinet with innovative lighting conceptGeberit ONE mirror cabinet with ComfortLight

The innovative highlight of the Geberit ONE mirror cabinet is the integrated ComfortLight lighting concept, which has been specially designed so that the colour temperature depends on the luminous intensity. This means that if you switch the lighting brighter, the light automatically appears cooler, while darker light appears warmer.

The various light sources make for an authentic mirror image without casting shadows. In this way, the mirror cabinet can also provide lighting for the entire bathroom. The automatic light control is continuously dimmable while also being intuitive and incredibly easy to operate.

The Geberit ONE mirror cabinet is available in five different sizes, colours and models.

Bathroom mirror with light in various designs

Our illuminated Geberit Option bathroom mirrors with a round, oval or square design exude simplicity and elegance.

The energy-efficient LED lamps provide pleasant illumination around the washbasin area. Depending on the model, they offer direct or indirect lighting, or even a combination of both. Direct lighting provides more brightness. Indirect lighting creates a more atmospheric ambience. The choice is yours.

Selected models also feature an integrated dimming function so that the light can be adjusted as required.

Learn more about Geberit Option mirrors

Range of mirror cabinetsTechnical data, dimensions and more

Geberit iCon bathroom with washbasin and Geberit Option oval mirror

Technical information such as CAD data and exact dimensions can be found in our product catalogue. Discover the full range of Geberit mirror cabinets and mirrors.

Browse mirror cabinets in the product catalogue

Frequently asked questions about bathroom mirror cabinets

Where can I buy a Geberit mirror cabinet or mirror with lighting?

You can view and buy Geberit mirror cabinets and mirrors at your local specialist dealership or in a showroom near you. Our specialists will be happy to advise you and walk you through the relevant products.

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