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Welcome to the Sensory Space

We all lead busy lives; from juggling the everyday pressures of work, friends and family commitments, to spending hours on our smart phones and computers. With so much going on it’s rare to switch off and take time out for ourselves.

Overloading our brains can lead to a loss of focus. We may find we’re not as efficient as we need to be, perhaps multitasking to a point of exhaustion, while not taking care of ourselves and ultimately fall prey to a feeling of burnout.

Creating a sensory space within the home means there’s a place of comfort and calm. Somewhere to revive the body and the mind. A space for invigorating the senses and reducing stress levels, and ready to tackle whatever life throws at you.

What our expert says

Geberit designer Ian Randle explores the importance of turning a functional zone into a sensory space – and why it makes such a difference to everyday life.

  • Sensory Space

What our customers say

A redesign of the bathroom can transform the space from functional to one where you can totally unwind.

Business owner Joanne Balmer from Burnley decided to banish her dated suite and chose the Acanto range. With smooth lines, fresh gloss and wood texture, it allows her to escape the pressures of modern life, and fully relax.

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Our Sensory Experiences

  • Geberit Xeno2 modern bathroom design


Managing the acoustics within the bathroom is key to creating a calming atmosphere. Geberit’s expert design specialisms (within the room and behind the scenes) ensure noise is isolated within the space.

Discover why

  • Geberit Monolith with AquaClean Sela


The right lighting is essential in creating the perfect mood, while still offering practical solutions. Careful consideration to the lighting specifications is a key factor in all Geberit bathrooms.

Gentle lighting that illuminates and radiates

  • Geberit Citterio

Textures and fragrances

Relaxation can be increased from being surrounded by pleasing textures and well-designed ceramics that invite you to touch them. With the combination of refreshing fragrances and a sense of calm, Geberit bathrooms offer the perfect environment.

Luxurious textures and fresh fragrances