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Geberit UK

To touch, or not to touch

Geberit Sigma80 - touchless flushing

As humans, we’re born with the instinct to touch; reaching out to connect with the world around us. At Geberit, our unique understanding of touch is transforming the way we interact with the bathroom space.

Homeowners and hotel guests can now enjoy a more sensory and tactile bathroom experience, with everything from timeless ceramic contours enhanced by a special, smooth-to-the-touch Keratect® glaze to luxurious heated seat technology.

Or for those who prefer a less hands-on approach, the responsive functionality of our infrared tap technology is bringing fresh intelligence to the washbasin. While automatic sensing technology in our lids and flushes minimises the spread of germs, keeping surfaces safe, touchless and effortlessly stylish.

  • Geberit Sigma80 - Touchless flushing

Geberit Sigma80

Touchless flushing

The touchless flush plate technology of Geberit Sigma80 is a shining example of advanced aesthetics in action. Users can even select a colour scheme to match their mood, as on approach, two durable LED light bars in five pre-selectable colours display the position of the flush actuations. Hardly surprising that the advanced no-touch flush hygiene and sensor-controlled switch-on functionality has received so much awards recognition.

  • Geberit Sigma10

Geberit Sigma10

Touchless flushing

Touchless design freedom is here. The design minimalism of Geberit Sigma10 is available in 7 colour variants, with flexible mains or battery operation.

In addition to high quality residential applications, it’s also available as a flush plate for urinals, bringing touchless luxury to prestigious office and hotel developments.

  • Geberit AquaClean Mera - Automatic and heated seat

Geberit AquaClean Mera

Automatic and heated seat

Alongside its many other innovative features, the Geberit AquaClean Mera has a touchless automatic toilet lid mechanism. The intuitive proximity sensor opens and closes the lid automatically, enhancing the sensory space and making life infinitely easier.

In addition to this, the AquaClean Mera toilet seat heats up on approach, anticipating the homeowner or hotel guest’s arrival with a reassuringly warm welcome. No wonder our integrated heating is becoming integral to more and more developments.

  • Geberit Brenta infrared tap with Geberit VariForm washbasin

Geberit infrared taps

Touchless washing for commercial bathrooms

The infrared tap ingenuity of Geberit’s automatic tap systems such as Brenta and Piave are transforming washbasin aesthetics and functionality in situations ranging from public and semi-public areas to prestigious hotels and private guest WCs. Slim and clever, their hand detection technology harmonises perfectly with their surroundings.

  • Geberit Setaplano

Geberit Setaplano

Clean design, optimum hygiene

The Geberit Setaplano shower surface represents a major step forward in shower floor luxury. The high quality, state-of-the-art surface feels silky-smooth and warm to the touch, greatly enhancing every shower experience. It’s reassuringly solid and durable too, whilst boasting exceptional non-slip properties.

  • Geberit VariForm round lay-on washbasin

Geberit VariForm

Maximum design freedom for washbasins

The Geberit VariForm concept introduces a whole new design aesthetic to modern washbasins. From circles and ellipses to ovals and rectangles, VariForm offers a whole host of eminently touchable, geometrically perfect possibilities for customising bathrooms. While their strong ceramic white finish has a reassuring resistance to cracks and scratches, ensuring that the look and feel of Variform can be enjoyed for years to come.

  • Geberit Acanto

Geberit Acanto

Style meets intelligence

With Geberit Acanto, the bathroom has never felt so good or so refreshingly flexible. The beauty of Acanto is that it can be totally tailored to every lifestyle need, with everything ergonomically planned, perfectly placed and reassuringly clutter-free.

The look of Acanto is defined by timelessly modern soft organic designs, clear geometric contours and supremely versatile furniture, with every detail informed by extensive bathroom research. The result is a range which is totally focused on individual needs, at the heart of which is our pioneering ‘best reach’ concept. Every piece of furniture has been optimised so it creates as many storage options as possible, whilst at the same time ensuring that items used every day are conveniently placed within comfortable reach.