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Geberit UK

Conversations at Clerkenwell

Is technology overstimulating our senses?

Conversations at Clerkenwell
Geberit was delighted to be a part of Clerkenwell Design Week’s live programme 2019, which will feature the designer of the Geberit AquaClean, Christoph Behling. Christoph along with the founder of Moodrise, Michael Phillips Moskowitz and Psychotherapist and Author, Hilda Burke will discuss the problems with the overuse of technology in today’s world and the impact this has on our senses.
  • Christoph Behling

meet the panellists


Began his career developing solar-powered boats and then made a name for himself as a designer of sustainable products. In 2004, he founded the Christoph Behling Design Studio and SolarLab Research & Design in London.

  • Michael Phillips Moskowitz


Entrepreneur and founder of the world’s first Digital Nutrition™ app Moodrise. He was eBays’s ex-Global Chief Curator, and was named one of the top 100 Creatives in Business by FastCompany.

  • Hilda Burke


An integrated psychotherapist, couples counsellor, and life coach. Hilda trained as a transpersonal psychotherapist at CCPE, London, and holds a post-graduate certificate in dream work and couples counselling.


An experimental psychologist at the University of Oxford. He is the head of the Crossmodal Research group which specializes in the research about the integration of information across different sensory modalities.