Geberit Mapress Thermfor cooling, refrigeration and heating circuits

Economical and corrosion-resistant stainless steel system

Geberit Mapress Therm pipe system

The low-alloy stainless steel system is a corrosion-resistant and cost-effective solution for closed heating and cooling circuits – applications in which moisture cannot always be avoided.

In cooling systems, temperature differences between the pipe contents and the outdoor area lead to condensation.

When laying floors, wet, cement-based building materials, inadequate drying times and the unintentional ingress of plaster or patio water can all present a hazard.

Geberit Mapress Therm offers the ideal solution for both application scenarios at a consistent pricing level without requiring extensive rework.

Applicationsfor the low-alloy stainless steel pipe system

Why choose Geberit Mapress Therm?

Easy recognition

Orange identifiers and non-potable water symbols on the fittings and system pipes.

Clear identification of unpressed connections

If the pressing indicator is still intact, the connection has not yet been pressed.

For heating and cooling circuits

Perfect for applications with temperature differentials


Corrosion-resistant and economical thanks to the low-alloy stainless steel

Geberit Mapress Therm

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Technical informationon the Geberit Mapress Therm fittings and system pipes


Nominal width DNDimension d x s (mm)
1215 x 1.0
1518 x 1.0
2022 x 1.2
2528 x 1.2
3235 x 1.5
4042 x 1.5
5054 x 1.5
6576.1 x 1.5
8089.9 x 1.5
100104 x 2

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