Geberit Silent-Pro piping system | Geberit UK

Geberit Silent-Pro Simple plug-in system for outstanding sound insulation

Sophisticated drainage system

Geberit Silent-Pro is the ideal piping system solution for stacks and floor connections in construction projects with high sound insulation requirements.

Geberit Silent-Pro applications:

  • Building drainage
  • Conventional roof drainage system (with retaining claw)

Why choose Geberit Silent-Pro?

Benefits of the Geberit Silent-Pro piping system
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Geberit Silent-Pro system description


Nominal width (DN)Dimension d x s (mm)
5050 x 3.0
7075 x 3.8
9090 x 4.3
100110 x 4.5
125125 x 5.0
150160 x 6.0


Well thought out down to the last detail

Discover all the details of Geberit Silent-Pro.

Design award


iF Design Award 2016 for the Geberit Silent-Pro piping system