Geberit Mapress Carbon SteelClosed circuits reliably pressed

The economical alternative

Geberit Mapress Carbon Steel was designed for installations in which economy is of the highest priority. The Geberit Mapress Carbon Steel system pipes are available in two designs – with a cream plastic jacketing made of PP or with an outside zinc plating. System pipes with both inside and outside zinc plating are also available for special applications.

Geberit Mapress Carbon Steel applications

  • Heating
  • Sprinklers
  • Industry

Many good reasons for Geberit Mapress Carbon Steel

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Nominal width (DN)Dimension d x s (mm)Geberit Mapress Carbon Steel with PP jacketingGeberit Mapress Carbon Steel, outside zinc-platedGeberit Mapress Carbon Steel, inside and outside zinc-plated
10*12.0 x 1.2 X X
12*15.0 x 1.2 X X X
15*18.0 x 1.2 X X X
20*22.0 x 1.5 X X X
25*28.0 x 1.5 X X X
32*35.0 x 1.5 X X X
40*42.0 x 1.5 X X X
50*54.0 x 1.5 X X X
6576.1 x 2.0 X X
66.766.7 x 1.5 X X
8088.9 x 2.0 X X
100108.0 x 2.0 X X

*Can be bent


Geberit Mapress brochure

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Find out about installation of Geberit Mapress Carbon Steel with zinc-plated pipe.

All technical information about Geberit Mapress Carbon Steelcan be found in the online catalogue