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Bathroom with Geberit ONE products

Geberit ONE combines sanitary technology expertise with clever design, enabling us to offer pioneering, comprehensive and fully integrated solutions for the whole bathroom. Integrating many components behind the wall creates an understated appearance. Cleverly combined into a single system, Geberit ONE boasts a whole host of obvious and more subtle advantages which ensure more cleanliness, more space and more flexibility in the bathroom.

More cleanliness, space and flexibility across the whole bathroom

More space, cleanliness and flexibility in the bathroom thanks to Geberit ONE products
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The Geberit ONE mirror cabinet is not currently available in the UK.

Geberit ONE WC

Cleanliness and integrated flexibility

The wall-hung Geberit ONE WC is an elegant and perfectly proportioned appliance. It becomes obvious when you open the lid: an asymmetrical, completely rimless inner geometry ensures that the flush on the WC ceramic appliance is fantastic while being no louder than a whisper. Thanks to sophisticated installation technology, the height of the WC can be easily adjusted without needing to open the prewall, even years after the toilet was originally installed.

Geberit ONE washbasin area

Geberit ONE bathroom

Elegant and understated design with plenty of space

The washbasin area normally stands in the centre of the bathroom and is therefore one of the first things you notice. If the area is tidy, it has a positive impact on the entire space. This is precisely the case with Geberit ONE: the individual sanitary products – including the washbasin, washbasin tap, mirror cabinet and washbasin cabinet – are both elegant and understated in design. This opens up an incredible sense of freedom in terms of bathroom usage.

Geberit ONE washbasin ceramic appliance

Geberit ONE washbasin

Designed for cleanliness and space

The Geberit ONE washbasin ceramic appliance is available in two models – free-floating or with a washbasin cabinet – and in four different sizes. With a depth of just 400 mm, it only takes up a minimal amount of space. The washbasin drain is one of the highlights of Geberit ONE: cleverly positioned on the rear edge of the basin so that it is not directly exposed to the water jet, the drain helps to prevent the build-up of water and limescale residues. The cover protecting the drain can be easily removed by hand. The comb insert can then be taken out and cleaned.

Geberit ONE wall-mounted tap

Geberit ONE washbasin tap, square
Geberit ONE washbasin tap, round

Better hygiene and cleanliness

The elegant wall-mounted tap ensures the entire washbasin stays free, preventing dirt-collecting edges, which are a breeding ground for germs that like to accumulate around deck-mounted taps.

Moreover, the Geberit ONE wall-mounted tap is perfectly coordinated with the inner geometry of the Geberit ONE washbasins. With conventional solutions, the drain is directly exposed to the water jet, which sooner or later results in limescale residues. By contrast, the Geberit ONE design enables the water to completely flush out the gentle ceramic curves before it flows down the drain. The wall-mounted tap is available in either a square or round design.

Geberit ONE washbasin cabinet

Geberit ONE washbasin with space-saving system

The space-saving miracle

Geberit ONE washbasin cabinets are just 400 mm deep and feature different widths. Nevertheless, they offer an impressive range of storage space in comparison to conventional models with a standard depth of 480 mm. This space-saving miracle is made possible by relocating the washbasin trap into the function box within the prewall. The washbasin cabinets are available in two colours: walnut real wood veneer and white high-gloss coating.

Colours and surfaces The One bathroom series is available in the following colours:

Colour: white, high-gloss coated
Colour: Walnut, real wood veneer

Colours: white high-gloss coated, Walnut real wood veneer

Geberit shower solutions

Geberit ONE bathroom with shower solution

Shower solutions

Geberit fulfils a whole host of wishes in the shower area – The floor-even shower is a particularly popular variant. In this regard, we offer a wide selection of innovative solutions, all of which are perfectly tailored to the Geberit ONE concept. The integrated Geberit niche storage box not only saves space, it is also designed to prevent the build-up of water and dirt residues.

The result of continuous development

Geberit ONE

Geberit ONE combines our sanitary technology expertise with our flair for design, enabling us to offer pioneering, comprehensive and fully integrated solutions for the whole bathroom.

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Geberit ONE combines our sanitary technology expertise with our flair for design, enabling us to offer pioneering, comprehensive and fully integrated solutions for the whole bathroom.