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Geberit UK

Geberit Bathroom Collection

Ceramics & furniture suitable for any bathroom design

Welcome to the Geberit Bathroom Collection, the bathroom offering from Geberit.

The Geberit Bathroom Collection – comprising of both ceramics and furniture in a variety of styles and designs – has something to offer for any bathroom. With washbasin units, available both with and without cabinets creating cleverly designed furniture with lots of storage space for every design requirement. These attributes make the Geberit Bathroom Collection a must for any modern bathroom design.

Modern innovations such as the Geberit Rimfree toilet ensures the products in our collection are unique and, above all, functional. Rimfree toilets are very easy to clean and feature an excellent flushing performance. Coupled with Geberit’s long-standing know-how, the Geberit Bathroom Collection is truly where Design Meets Function.

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