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Geberit installation systems Bathroom freedom owing to prewall installations

This is how bathrooms are built today

Geberit Duofix prewall system for drywall construction

When it comes to bathroom design, customers now expect contemporary design and innovative functions. Wall-hung WCs have now become a standard as they have particular advantages when it comes to cleaning, hygiene and reliability. Clever installation systems for prewalls are therefore essential. Using the perfectly coordinated components of the Geberit installation systems, you can develop customised solutions for almost any construction project in front of the wall.

Clear advantages

Bathroom with Geberit actuator plate Sigma30

With their clear benefits such as the easy cleaning of wall-hung WCs and space saving, Geberit installation systems are the reliable and high-quality solution for the construction of contemporary bathrooms:

  • Solid steelwork
  • Wall-hung WCs tested for loads up to 400 kg
  • Seamless, one-piece cistern made of durable PE-HD
  • Tested for 100% tightness
  • Triple-welded flush bends
  • All function parts are easily accessible
  • Guaranteed spare parts availability for 25 years
  • Easy installation

Geberit Duofix

Geberit Duofix prewall system wall anchor

Geberit Duofix is the comprehensive range of sanitary appliances with universal and self-supporting installation elements in drywall construction. It is suitable for partition wall installations, inwall installations in lightweight stud walls as well as for part-height and room-height prewall installations, and can be used in new buildings as well as modernisations.

Geberit Duofix



Find out about installation of the Geberit Duofix prewall element for wall-hung WCs.