Home is the ultimate backdrop to our word,a giant canvas to make our own

The last two years have not only bought about exponential change to our lives, they have also fundamentally influenced what we want, and ultimately need from the masterpiece that is our homes.

As we emerge from this significant period, we embark on a new renaissance, and era of discovery and creativity, Our homes have forever been a reflection of who we are, but now more than ever we're experiencing a real shift towards a more confident and personalised approach to our home interiors.

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Decorating for wellbeing

We uncover the ever-increasing significance of our home surroundings on our physical and emotional state, by exploring the importance of embedding health-boosting measure into every space.

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Trending hues

We discover the trending hues that are expected to be popular in 2022, from the warm, rich and comforting colours that evoke feelings of serenity and sanctuary, to the soul-boosting light and bright colours that celebrate the dawning of new beginnings.

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Technology & comfort

We lift the lid on the continued growth of technology throughout the home, particularly in the bathroom and what this means for the resale of our homes. We explore the rise of ‘hotelisation’ and the increased in appetite for luxurious spaces that streamline and transform our lives.

With exclusive insights from the expertsDelve into key interiors themes for 2022

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