A story of evolution

Geberit’s story of success is a story of evolution. For almost 150 years Geberit’s purpose has been to improve people’s lives through innovative and aesthetic bathroom solutions that are easy to install, use and maintain and create true value.

Geberit has never made changes just for the sake of change. Instead, every single innovation is based on carefully analysing, selecting and bringing together what makes us better at pursuing this purpose.

This is how Geberit has always successfully evolved and will be ever-evolving.


We evolve our offering by extending the Geberit brand into the whole bathroom:

Internally, we continue to apply the vast know-how and experience of our people, evolving together.

For our professionals we bring our know-how to the whole bathroom and thereby evolve “Know-How Installed”.
For our end consumers, we evolve bathrooms by bringing design and functionality together under the label “Design Meets Function”.

As a next step, we are offering products for the whole bathroom under the powerful Geberit brand with a unique positioning and identity. From this strong foundation we will continue our evolution, always striving to fulfil our purpose of improving people’s lives. Together, we are ever-evolving.