UK Power Plants

Project Information

Location: UK

Contractor: MD Lawrence

Project Completion: Ongoing

Geberit Know-How

Problem: The need to supply the lubrication oilto the plants gas turbine engines

Solution: Geberit Mapress stainless steel

Project Overview

The traditional surge in electricity during sporting or historic television events, when households switch on the kettle during a television ad break, can place huge demand on the electrical grid.

Peaking power plants, typically gas turbines, are power stations that provide additional energy during these peak periods. These gas turbine engines can be located in several bespoke containers across a single site.

Contractor MD Lawrence was working on a project to install the pipework at a large peaking power plant in the UK. Matt Lawrence, Director of MD Lawrence,was looking for an innovative and reliable manufacturer to specify the pipework used to supply the lubrication oil for the plant’s gas turbine engines.


Matt Lawrence, Director of MD Lawrence believes that the installation benefits of Mapress, as well as Geberit’s technical support, were key elements in the successful delivery of the project.

Matt continues: “The installation process of Mapress was a huge factor in our decision to select the product in the first place – it was a much quicker and simpler process than it would have been if we had gone for one of the more traditional jointing alternatives. This saved valuable time and, as a result, we were able to turn around the project ahead of schedule thanks to this ease of installation.

“This, together with the technical supportand service we received from Geberit, played a big part in the success of this project.”

Geberit Mapress is available in range of materials including carbon steel, copper,stainless steel, and CuNiFe.