The Environment and Sustainability Institute, Exeter

Project information

Building: The Environment and Sustainability

Institute Location: Exeter, UK

Contractor: Lorne Stewart

Architect: BDP Architects

Project Completion: October 2012

Geberit Know-How

Geberit Mapress
Geberit HDPE Drainage system

Project overview

The Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI) is part of Exeter University, leading cutting edge research into interdisciplinary solutions dealing with the problems of environmental change. Mirroring the Institutes’ purpose, ESI is housed within a BREEAM rated ‘Outstanding’ building, bringing together a number of sustainable strategies, including a 35,000 litre rainwater harvesting system (twice normal BREEAM-compliant size), combined with low water use sanitary ware and automatic shutoff valves, storing rainwater for the building’s toilets. The system is plumbed together using Geberit’s low environmental impact pipe, Geberit HDPE, with Geberit Mapress press-fit used for all hot and cold works.